Why is Every Man Better Dressed Than Me?


I simply cannot get over the fact that I always look dreadful. Even when I have spent all of my salary on clothes two months in a row, I can never look any better. Whenever I meet up with friends they are always better dressed than me, my confidence is at an all-time low, too. I thought real men didn’t care much for fashion, anyway?


No matter how much money I am spending, it is quite clear that something is going wrong with my fashion purchases. It is time to pull everything out of my wardrobe and take a long, honest look at where I have been going wrong.


Having looked at all of my clothes, it is clear where the biggest problem lies. I am definitely a size medium, yet all of my clothes are either large or small. Anything smart I always buy smaller, for a closer and more fitted look, while I reward myself for this torture by ensuring my casual fashions are a more relaxed fit, which means buying them in a larger size.

If I sorted out my sizing, that would make a huge difference to my appearance, as well as my confidence levels.

Does It Suit Me?

I have spent an awful lot of time trying on most of the clothes I pulled out of my wardrobe earlier, and it is as clear as day that none of them actually suit me all that well. I went into the stores and simply made purchases out of vanity, and paid a lot more attention to the price label as I did anything else. The clothes are expensive so they will suit anyone, right? I found out the hard way that this is not the case.

If I looked at alternatives, or did some research prior to shopping, I could be a lot smarter in my purchases. I understand that for men, fashion comes a lot down to body type. I recently discovered a number of sites that give great advice on how to build the perfect look, as well as recommend items based on my build, complexion and hair color. If only I knew before!

My Watch Is Awful

I bought a cheap watch so it didn’t matter if it got damaged at work. That was five years ago, and I still have the same watch. More to the point, I work in an office, so it isn’t like I am going to drop anything more extreme than paper, or perhaps a cup of coffee, over it.

Upgrading my accessories, as well as ensuring my clothes fit correctly and are right for me, will help me become one of the better dressed men, the fashion leader I have always longed to be.

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