Understated Or Loud? How To Match A Shirt To The Occasion

How To Match A Shirt To The Occasion

Getting the shirt and tie combination nailed on is actually quite straightforward. The trouble is that it is one of those annoying parts of life that, as easy as it is, many people still manage to get it so drastically wrong. So what should you be wearing for each occasion? We are going to look at the boardroom, a wedding guest, and a more casual evening, however still involving tailoring.

How To Match A Shirt To The Occasion


There are many aspects to dressing well for the boardroom. Unfortunately, men’s shirts do not come pre-packaged with a tag that says, “Wear this in the boardroom, and you will be awesome.” If there are any shirt designers or retailers reading this, you can have that idea for free!

For now though, what are the best shirt designs to be wearing? Ideally, to go into a “high power” situation such as a boardroom, you should be looking at the higher end of the men’s shirts market. The better quality shirts will help build your confidence, so long as you do not wear a color that will betray you in the perspiration department.

Go for a powerful gingham in a blue design, with a block coloured tie. If you are wearing a plain suit, try out a paisley patterned tie, however go for one which is almost all one color so you portray credibility and confidence rather than someone who dressed in the dark! Try to get a shirt with plain white collar, and French cuffs, for the most ambitious, professional look.

Wedding Guest

Dressing for a wedding is quite easy, if you are the groom or are following a certain dress code. You may need to tread carefully if you are left to your own devices, however, as you need to be careful not to be seen upstaging anyone. The best option is a grey three piece, accessorized with a brown belt and shoes. Wear a plain white shirt and a red patterned tie, for a relaxed, comfortable look which will help you stand out without stealing any thunder from anyone.

Evenings Out

For a casual evening out, the choice of men’s shirts is yours. If you are wearing a relatively casual suit, however, something which you can wear open collared will work great. Go for a light color, such as a pastel blue or pink, and look for a shirt with some stripe or other pattern detail, to really add a twist to your look.

There are men’s shirts for every occasion, use our guide to aid your shop and ensure you always get it right.

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