Kids Clothes Trends Winter

Kids Clothes Trends Winter

Into The Wild

The natural world will be a major influence in kid’s fashions this coming winter. It’s a universal truth that kids love animals, and that’s always a winner, particularly with young children. However, styles seem to be veering away from cuddly, teddy bear styles and accurately rendered animals. Native wildlife appears to be a winner, as images of foxes, dear, badgers and all other woodland creatures populate knitwear and other kinds of garments.

Also, you can expect to find winter scenes as the Christmas jumper comes back in a big way. While these are often worn ironically by adults, they still look super-cute on kids. Fir trees, snowflakes and other motifs might seem hokey, but when incorporated among some great quality children’s knits, the result is incredibly fun.

Kids Clothes Trends Winter

Blinded With Science

The world of hard science permeates news stories every day, and it’s certainly starting to affect other areas of culture in unforeseen ways. From the research into the Higgs Boson particle to the technological advancements in everyday life, we’re hungry for more knowledge about the scientific world. Fortunately, so are our kids.

You can affect to find some ‘science’ designs in childrenswear later this year. We’re not necessarily talking about test tubes and Bunsen burners here, but geometric shapes, space themes and other cool designs will become more popular in boutiques. This creates an exciting, energetic collection of clothing that uses color in new, creative ways.

Old Fashioned and Quirky

It’s all vintage, vintage, vintage, right? Vintage as far as the eye can see in kids clothes shops everywhere. There is a real charm to these styles, but they could do with a bit of freshening up. Fortunately, designers are a canny bunch, and come up with some fun new ideas to keep us interested. It’s not just being old-fashioned anymore, now it’s about eccentricity.

Children’s storybooks are often about strange adventures, and the works of fil director Tim Burton and writer Neil Geiman are starting to filter into the design concepts of many brands. Labes such as Bobo Choses have brought some fun designs such as bicycles and other cool prints.

Exaggerated motifs, from big bows on girl’s Victorian dresses and even medal details on military-style tunic jackets add to the quirkiness. In fact, it seems that many children’s clothing designers are playing around with the steampunk style, which is becoming more mainstream all the time.

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