Men’s Guide To Choosing Glasses

Men’s Guide To Choosing Glasses

It may be somewhat of a stereotype, but while women will place style high on the list when choosing new eyewear, men are likely to be more concerned with how a new pair of glasses look and feel, placing as much importance on durability as whether they follow the latest look. What type of glasses are men likely to go for and what kind of eyewear fits certain male personas?

Men’s Guide To Choosing Glasses

Flexible and Durable Frames

While a trend is still an alluring prospect, men are likely to deem color and style of frames as a significantly more superficial extra in comparison to durability and correct fit, with spring hinges determined as a key selling point in many surveys conducted into the male psyche when choosing new eyeglasses frames, which allows for increased durability and makes it difficult to bend away the initial shape and comfort.

Head shape size is a vital factor in determining which frame styles are for you, with a naturally wide head size matching a wide frame, ensuring the glasses will never have the frustrating head grasp feeling that accompanies an ill-fitting pair of specs, with the frame edge likely to want to extend as far as the ears for ultimate comfort.

Adjustable silicone nose pads provide a soothing fit when placed on the nose, and allow an optician to adjust for increased comfort, with moving your head in a variety of natural directions you are likely to follow during the day being particularly important in determining the correct head specifications of your chosen eyewear.

For supreme durability, much like a tennis racket, a product made from titanium or certain steels will provide increased toughness when exposed to the rigors of the outside world, while also feeling comfortably lightweight.

Trending Styles

It may sometimes be a secondary thought, but there’s no reason why men shouldn’t care about how they look as much as the female gender. Certain styles are thought to match up well with a variety of shapes and sizes of head, but ultimately it will depend on personal taste in terms of the overall aesthetic when looking for a particular fashion trend.

Aviator glasses are thought to appear to the younger spectrum of the market, with their masculine style shaping providing a bold appearance, while providing a admirable contrast with looks and durability that would likely appeal to the average male consumer.
Smaller faces will appreciate the rounded ‘John Lennon’ appearance, matching up better with minimal proportions than some of the bolder styles on the market, while in terms of color, the trends for 2012 are said to include bold colors such as blues, reds and greens, while black still remains a popular choice.

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