Yoko Ono Turns Designers as 80th Birthday Approaches

  • Sumo

yoko onoYoko Ono’s progressive approach to life has in no way diminished as the widower of Beatle legend, John Lennon, approaches her 80th birthday. The part-time activist and artist has decided to try her hand at fashion, launching a ready-to-wear menswear collection said to be inspired by Lennon’s “rockin’ bod.”

Based off of designs that Yoko Ono drew in 1969 and later gave to her famous husband as a wedding present, the line consists of 18 pieces and includes clothing, accessories and shoes. Called “Fashions for Men,” Ono’s attempt at fashion has already been written off as a joke by most design critics.

Her co-collaborator, Humberto Leon, seems to be the primary fan of her “Yoko” approach to fashion, saying they first discussed the prospect of a fashion line when they met in Japan two years before. After Ono had shared her design ideas with Leon they both decided to “make it come to life.” Leon has described the shared realisation of Ono’s dream as “exciting” – a sentiment that is shared only by Ono’s longstanding fans.

Known for her quirky art, music and sense of style, it comes as no surprise that most men won’t be volunteering to wear her outfits. Featuring pants with handprints over the crotch and shirts made of Big Bird tights, the line is not exactly what most people would deem wearable. Some journalists have even questioned whether Lennon would’ve worn his wife’s tribute to his sexy physique despite Yoko Ono’s assurances that the papers version made him love her even more.

A lot of interest is in whether Yoko Ono’s foray into the world of fashion will pan out on a retail level. Its ability to make a profit is yet to be seen as prices for design pieces vary from as little as $75 to as much as $750 per item. Luckily for Yoko, her name is well-known and memorable for many reasons. This alone makes her brand a lot more likely to succeed than most.

Buy the Book if Not the Clothing

For those who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money on Yoko Ono designs, they can still see the inspired works in an annotated book for $35. The book includes everything from the drawings and design ideas, to the colour suggestions and a bit of theory behind the creative process. Some insights into the mind of Yoko Ono as designer, it’s the next best thing to the actual clothing, with a little less “Yoko” for the little more conservative among us.

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