Ye Ranji is The Centaur of Korean Fashion

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Ye Ranji in this moment, is one of the most important persons in Korean fashion. By following his collections, anybody can find out what to wear, and what is currently on the market. He is a fashion designer who has created so many trends with his clothes, that many people are consider him to be one of the best Asian fashion designers right now.

His works try to inspire and tell a story. This is one of the most important things that he does, and it’s what sets him apart from other people in the Asian fashion market. His shows are not only about dressing people and making people walk on the stage, but about telling the world about how it should be. His clothes are his statement, his form of expression.

For him it’s not that important to know the difference between male and female, that’s why his store is named the centaur, a centaur being a creature both female and male.

Korean Fashion

What any young fashion designer can learn from him and from other people that have had success in this field, is the fact that you have to like Korean fashion if you are to succeed. He finished fashion school at 27 years old, demonstrating the fact that even people who are young can find their place in Asian fashion.

Also, he is a case about the fact that it’s not easy to do what you like, and it always takes hard work and concentration. But fashion is about expressing yourself most of all, and finding the best way in which you can tell the audience a story. Its poetry in motion, and Korean fashion, through the work of people like Ye Ranji, has managed to tell the world what a beautiful country, Korea is.

He encourages young professionals to get into this field and start working and doing what they like. But it’s not easy and a person that has to succeed needs passion beyond anything else. No person has ever had success without investing time and energy into his work.

His opinions can be translated to other artistic fields of activity but regarding Asian fashion, and the fact that he had success, being such a renown person, shows just how much Korean fashion has grown.

Regarding the future, who knows how the fashion market will evolve, or how it will transform, but at the moment its one of the best ways in which Korea can manage to produce high quality content and to strengthen its position in the Asian market .The fact is that guys like Ye Ranji are important individuals and young people should follow their evolution like success stories.

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