Women’s Winter Fashion Mistakes

  • Sumo

Winter time is about keeping cosy and wrapping up warm. However, that does not mean it is time to hide away and not keep on top of trends. Women can often make fashion mistakes in the winter time, and it is important to discover these fashion faux pas and see how they can be avoided.

Appropriate Footwear Is Key

It is important to wear the right footwear in winter time. Shops on the high street are full of leather boots, comfy Ugg bootss and funky wellington boots, all of which will look great in a wardrobe for winter. A fashion faux pas that seems to happen repeatedly is women wearing Ugg boots in bad weather conditions. Even though Ugg boots are comfortable, they soak water up quickly. The wet can instantly turn the suede Uggs are made of into a sopping mess. Ugg boots should not be worn in snowy and icy weather should, because they have very little grip which will increase the risk of taking a tumble.

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Think Layers

The weather is temperamental in winter, and often drops below freezing temperatures. This is why wearing layers is important. If you like clubbing, the winter weather doesn’t mean you have to put hide your LBD away until warmer weather arrives. If you make sure that you wear layers then you can still wear your favourite dress. Going out in a skimpy outfit without wearing a coat is one look that should definitely be avoided. Doing this could make you look a bit cheap, and people won’t help shivering from just looking at your lack of clothing.

Save Your Light-Coloured Clothes For the Summer!

Minimise wearing white in the winter time. White linen and sunshine go together well, because the colour reflects the sun’s rays and the thinness of the fabric is cooling to wear. However, white clothes in winter time could be a potential fashion disaster, as they get dirty quickly. With the weather tha comes with the winter time, the chances of you flicking mud up your back when you walk is heightened. Winter time goes in hand with bad weather conditions and getting white fabric wet could make it turn see-through. This is another reason why you should avoid wearing white clothing in winter.

Avoid Fake Tan

Keeping the fake tan at bay is also advisable in winter. Whilst using fake tan can be flattering in the dusky summer sun, adding a golden tint to your natural tan, wearing fake tan in the winter is less flattering. Often, people continue to use fake tan at the same level they would in summer, which can lead to looking orange and overly fake.