Must Have Winter Jewellery Accessories Of 2013

  • Sumo

As we enter the winter months of 2013, women all over the world are having to give some serious thought to creating a new and original look to last them until the weather picks up. We got to keep our summer wardrobe for a little longer than usual this year thanks to a slight global increase in temperatures, but the end is upon us, and now those thin materials must give way to thicker, more insulated garments. This means the jewelry you bought during May and June no longer fits the bill, and is also the reason why I’m writing this article today.

Most ladies have trouble keeping up with the latest trends due to work and family commitments, but this really shouldn’t hold us back. Thanks to online blogs like this one, it’s never been easier to find out about the latest fashions and designs, which is why you’ve come to the right place. Style is very much an individual thing, so advising you on what to wear would be silly. Still, if you miss out on any of the five jewelry accessories listed below, you’re certain to regret it.

winter jewellery accessories

1 – Lapis Bracelet from Fire Mountain Gems: $149.50

This limited edition accessory from reputable brand Fire Mountain Gems has seen incredible sales over the last few months since its release, and they remain to grow steadily. You can check out exactly what it looks like by visiting the website, but basically, this is a sterling silver 13mm wide, 7 inches long blue-stone bangle with a 2-inch extender chain that comes fitted with a lobster claw clasp.

2 – The Camélia Brodé Watch from Chanel – $8,580

Admittedly, this might be out of some people’s price range, but sparing no expense is sometimes necessary if you want to look like a million dollars. The watch features no less than two luxurious dials coated in beautiful well-cut diamonds and is certain to make your friends and colleagues drool. Unfortunately, they’re not cushion cut because everyone knows they’re hard to come by. Still, if you bought this product and your boyfriend proposed marriage this year, I’ve seen a stunning cushion cut engagement ring in Dallas that would compliment it perfectly.

3 – Horus Drop Earrings from Eddie Borgo – $620

Sold by Luisa via Roma, these earrings have a regal feel, and although they’re slightly understated, most ladies agree they’re absolutely beautiful. Made from 24kt Gold plated brass with jade and onyx, for the price you really can’t go wrong. Personally, I think they’re truly ideal for any dinner parties or formal occasions whilst also fitting in nicely amongst other accessories and fashions you might wear for a night out on the town.

4 – Byzantine Bracelet from Daniela De Marchi – $501

Finally, this gold plated brass necklace comes from one of the most respected designers of the moment. Coming with lemon quartz stones and enough sparkly bits to make you go blind, no wonder sales have been absolutely fantastic since its release last month in London, England. Again, you can pick this up for a more than reasonable price at Luisa via Roma, although most major chain jeweler’s will have no trouble ordering it in for you – perhaps at a slight discount.

So there you have it ladies. I trust you’ll all spend the next half an hour or so checking those items out online (I promise it will be worth it) and working out exactly how you’re going to afford to pay for them…

See you next time!