Wine Glasses Fashion – What’s In And What’s Out

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It is easy to simple regard the traditional, rounded wine glass as the only option when searching for new glassware yet the ‘typical’ style is constantly changing and new designs and concepts are becoming evident in the industry.

Often individuals do not consider wine glasses as a part of their interior design but whether they’re in the cupboard or in hand they should co-ordinate with the surroundings. Purchasing modern glassware can be affordable as with companies from IKEA to John Lewis there are options available to everyone. An upcoming business ‘Cooks paraphernalia’ sells numerous brands and styles that can suit various budgets.

fashion wine glasses

Coloured Wine Glasses

Individuals should take caution when purchasing coloured glasses as their eye-catching brightness tends to clash with the majority of the kitchens interior. It is essential to assess the interior design of the kitchen and whether coloured glasses would add sophistication or result in a negatively contrasting colour scheme to the surroundings.

Generally the kitchen is place of soft, pastel tones multi-coloured wine glasses could result in a disastrous juxtaposition.   However, coloured wine glasses could be distinctive and add to a modern twist to a black and wine interior. A way to overcome the harshness of fully coloured wine glasses is to opt for a more simplistic gradient effect which adds a hint of creativity without the tackiness. Additionally, coloured wine glasses that are more linear can give an edgy twist adding to their modern effect through separation from the traditional rounded glasses.

Detailed Wine Glasses

It’s not just special occasion wine glasses that should show an element of sophistication but plain glasses for everyday life can contain subtle detail that provides that extra touch of glamour. The neck of the wine glass can contain slight detailing, such as distorted shape or a hint of colour, resulting in differentiation from the traditional wine glass.

A modern approach is to make the neck extremely thin and the bottom curve of the glass more linear resulting in a sharp and striking model. However, avoid heavy detail unless wine glasses are to be used for decorative purposes as this can result in an overload of detail if all glasses are designed differently. Large amounts of printed detail can often chip or become warn down

Larger Wine Glasses

When any individual purchases wine glasses the size should always be considered with up-most importance. In recent years larger wine glasses have been considered to be a more modern and trendy approach.

Despite the advantage of being able to contain more alcohol bigger wine glasses do make storage more of an issue. However, trends in the wine glass industry are highly contradictory and smaller wine glasses can look modern if the neck is larger or closer to the size of the upper part of the glass, creating an instant balance.


In conclusion it is advisable to avoid bright colours or heavy detailing but focus on subtle detail that wilwl create an edgy and modern effect. Although wine glasses are just a small part of the overall glassware situated in the kitchen or dining area they can contribute in making a positive impression on guests by conveying clear style and sophistication.

However, remember that more important than current trends is the co-ordination of the wine glasses with the surroundings to produce a complimentary blend.

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