Wild Style: Africa Fashion Week London 2012

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Africa Fashion Week in London is returning to the City once again and it promises to be a stunning affair, taking place at London’s Spitalfields Market Hall.

Africa Fashion Week London


In its second year running the Africa Fashion Week has been re-commissioned after a very successful 2011 edition. Over 4700 visitors made their way to the fashion week last year, experiencing the Africa-inspired fashion works from 54 designers. The inaugural event was held at Gibson Hall in Bishopsgate. The week is all about international interpretation and fusion of African fashion and respect for the influence Africa is having on fashion trends across the world.


Africa Fashion Week London allows these print designers and African influencers to contribute to awareness and exposure within the field. The extravaganza has moved to the Spitafields Market hall in order to cater for the turnout that is set to accommodate in the region of 10 000 visitors, such was the success of the week dedicated to Africa Fashion in 2012. The choice to move to the Market Hall was an easy one, as the venue just recently won the award for Best New Open Space. There will be more exhibitors, more designers and more models strutting their stuff this year.


The idea behind Africa Fashion Week London 2012 is to give African style, beauty and uniqueness the recognition that it deserves through a UK perspective. It also provides a great way to bring together the African and Western cultures.


The Olympics are just several weeks away and the Africa Fashion week will be taking place a week into the Games (on the 3rd and 4th of August). With such a massive variety of countries and cultures arriving in London for the Olympics, this provides a great opportunity to draw a diverse crowd, creating an even greater reach for designers concerned with African Fashion.

This year’s fashion week is no doubt going to be a stellar affair, with celebrities from far and wide attending. Scores of designers will be showcasing their unique Africa-inspired pieces through the medium of stunning models, carefully picked for the occasion. Many foreigners descending on the city for the Olympic Games may even find themselves taking a day off from watching the hundred metre sprints and instead travelling over to the Market Hall to catch a glimpse of a few slow strolls down the catwalk at this year’s Africa Fashion Week.

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