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Katie Boyd puts all her eggs in one bassinet allotment Sola Okenla in Miss Massachusetts, so my style got to perceive the Wicked Fit celebration babe with the big smile-who’s aswell accepted to could cause a little trouble.

IN HER BLOOD: I was bitten in Nigeria. My mom competed in bounded pageants there, so it’s in my blood. I didn’t alpha aggressive until I was 22 because my parents anticipation it would be bigger for me to complete my apprenticeship and authorize myself first. I’m a backward bloomer, but again I became obsessed.

KATIE’S HELP: I anticipation I was accomplishing aggregate appropriate fitness-wise because I’ve consistently been thin, but my physique actually adapted alive by Katie. I didn’t apprehend I was bistro all the amiss food. I was by itself absolutely muscular, but I was accomplishing all the amiss beings as far as weight training too—I basically looked like an affronted little bodybuilder. I accept an absolutely abbreviate torso, and Katie continued it. I’m bacteria now after searching so jacked.

TOUGH TRAINING: You accept to alpha training six months in beforehand for Miss Mass, but it’s appear the two ages mark that you accept to cut down on what you’re eating. There’s no bluff meals. At one month, you accept no best but to watch every individual bait and absolute focus on anniversary training session. There’s no leeway. If you wish to attend your best, you accept to plan harder for it.

WICKED BFFs: Right now, I’m abutting to Katie and Monica, surprisingly. I’ve consistently acquainted adequate with Katie and can allocution to her about anything. Monica and I accept so abundant in accepted because we’re hardcore professionals and plan in the aforementioned medical field. I can acknowledge girls who plan harder for what they want, so it was a no brainer that those are the two I grew abutting to. I perceive this is harder to believe, but I abhorrence if there’s a ball and the obstruction because life’s too abbreviate and facials are expensive, and the obstruction eventually shows up on your skin. So Monica and I had a heart-to-heart [after the fight]. We accomplished that things are fine, and we can be civilian with anniversary other.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Less is more. Everyone tells me, ‘You should absolutely accessories,’ but I anticipate big hair is the best accessory. All you charge is a two-inch crimped iron, affliction adjusts and flow of Hairspray. It doesn’t accept to be acutely curly, but bags of physique are good.

MATTE MAVEN: Before I competed, I acclimated to adulation blatant anything, but I accomplished that it’s not beautiful and makes you attending silly. I anticipate you attending sexier with meat products. Chanel has this absolutely amazing eyeshadow, [Les 4 Ombres] in the Dunes. It’s a simple go-to. You can do a accustomed attending or a smoky eye with it.

SAVING FACE: The Clarisonic PLUS afflicted my life. I use the Chanel Mousse Exfoliante Pureté face wash—it’s the best thing—with the Clarisonic, and I ablution my face alert a day. It afflicted my face and skin.

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