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I believe that an item of jewellery is often a very personal possession that holds great meaning for the wearer. It can signify a lifetime’s union between two people, or it be given as a gift on a special occasion. However, most people choose to buy items that have been mass-produced by well-known jewellery manufacturers. Jewellery made in this way is often generic and designed to appeal to the widest range of tastes possible. I would much prefer to give buy items that have been specially made with me or the recipient in mind. Buying bespoke jewellery provides a number of different benefits; I have some personal experience in this area.

A Truly One Off Unique Piece

I recently bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend; she doesn’t know it yet! I was able to have my say on its design and select from a number of options. I decided to choose a sapphire and a very unusual gold design. The fact that my fiance will be wearing a completely unique engagement ring gives me a great sense of pride and excitement.

Much Higher Quality

Generic jewellery is usually produced in huge factories with mass-production equipment. The ring I bought was handcrafted by experts in their field. The level of detail was superb, and it was of a much better quality than “off-the-shelf” items.

Choose Something You Really Want

I spent hours aimlessly walking around shopping malls in search of the perfect engagement ring. I must have been shown a hundred different items before I realised that my search was a futile one. My girlfriend has a very particular taste that I simply couldn’t satisfy. Fortunately, a shop-assistant informed me that I could have a ring designed for me. I can’t imagine I would have found the ring I dreamed of when I decided to propose; thankfully, I found the perfect engagement ring by creating it myself!

Never Goes out of Fashion

bespoke jewellery

Jewellery is similar to clothing and music; it can go out of fashion after a while. However, this is only true of mass-produced items that develop a temporary fan-base. The jewellery I bought for my girlfriend can never suffer this fate as it will never be fashionable; only my future fiance will wear it. My mum still wears the ring my dad bought for her thirty-nine years ago; however, she is constantly commenting on the fact this its ornate design is old-fashioned and dated.

Conversation Piece

Generic jewellery can be found everywhere, so it hardly ever draws the attention of other people. Thankfully, the ring I have bought has already been the source of some excitable questions. My mum instantly fell in love with it, and she wanted to know where she could get something similar. She was surprised when I told her there was nowhere on earth she could get something similar. My mother’s interest has led to several members of my family asking to see the ring close-up!

Value Will Increase Due To Unique Design

Bespoke jewellery is, by its very nature, unique. I can be certain that I won’t see my own design in stores or on the fingers of strangers. This fact makes it a rare item, and rare items are usually worth far more than mass-produced alternatives. I would never dream of selling it, and I hope my future wife won’t either! However, the fact that this unique piece of jewellery may increase in value over time gives me an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction.

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