Why Tuxedos are Necessary

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Formal Traditions Require Wearing a Tuxedo

Tuxedos are necessary in that many occasions call for a man wearing them.  There are also tuxedo costumes for women too; however, that is yet another article.  The focus of this article is:  men’s tuxedos and the necessity of wearing this type of very formal wearing apparel in society—and which special event a certain tuxedo style applies.

Wearing a Tuxedo Allows a Man to Generate Charm

The first thing that comes to mind when any man wears a tuxedo is that he is definitely putting his “best foot forward.”   Particular occasions naturally warrant a man of good taste wear a tuxedo.   If a man is to look respectable he is able to radiate to the world a certain charisma—maybe something his colleagues and acquaintances are not use to seeing in him from day to day:  Alexandria tux rentals are just the right source to access on the very rare occasion when a formal costume such as a tuxedo is required in order to attend an event.

A Little History on the Tuxedo:  A Feel Good about Yourself Story

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The tuxedo has been around since the 1800s, as wearing apparel for very formal occasions.  It symbolizes that its wearer is exceptionally well-dressed.  Why is this form of wearing apparel so acceptable?  The absolute fact is there is no harm done when a man dresses to look his best and most important that he feels good about the way he presents himself.  Outside of the obvious reason, a man must wear a tuxedo for his prom night or a wedding, since doing so is necessary in society.   The tuxedo, then, is appropriate for the most formal occasions; and flatters a man:  always bringing out the best in way of his personal appearance and how he comes across to other persons.

Classic Tuxedos versus Contemporary Wear

The rule in wearing a tuxedo is easy enough to remember:  Black is best for the most formal of occasions.  If a man is wishing to wear traditional styling in way of a tuxedo he definitely cannot go wrong wearing black.  The classic look calls for a woven type of attire, black tie, white shirt, cummerbund and vest.  Black shoes must be worn with the classic look.  Attending weddings is the place to wear a traditional black tuxedo as well as the most formal affairs; i.e. gala events.   When wearing a more contemporary look for other specific events:  the wearer may try different colors and styles.  A good place to wear a contemporary styled tuxedo is an event such as a prom.  The plus about wearing a contemporary tuxedo is that it exudes a vibrancy and youthfulness which is not applicable when wearing classic black:  Each type of tuxedo certainly serves its purpose; and should be worn with respect to that purpose.

In Conclusion:

When wearing a tuxedo, it is important for the man of good tuxedo etiquette to remember:  that wearing basic black is always appropriate for the most formal of occasions.   Contemporary styling is best for events still formal in nature, but not as formal as weddings and gala dinner events