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Over the past few years, we have seen a rising popularity in nostalgia based t-shirts. With the rise in popularity of vintage fashion, old t-shirts are enjoying mass revival, but great designs aren’t always easy to find.

Enter the high street and online retailers, who have embraced the retro revival. Observing the nation’s love affair with all things vintage, many have looked to the past for inspiration and reproduced old designs.

There is something about nostalgia that stirs up conversation and warm feelings among people of a similar age. Be it talking about old TV programmes they used to watch or music they used to listen to, there is something we love about stirring up old memories. It takes us back to moments in our life and paints a picture for people who weren’t there to experience it firsthand.

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Back In The Day

Nineties kids are currently experiencing this phenomenon, with the nineties enjoying its first revival twenty years on.  As grunge inspired fashion floods the high street, they are reminded of shows like My So Called Life whose protagonist Angela epitomised the grunge trend first time round.

The late eighties and early nineties also introduced us to teen sitcoms like Saved by the Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which enjoyed years of repeats and were watched by millions. Saved by the Bell has benefited particularly well from the nostalgia trip, with t-shirts recreating the Bayside Tigers gym kit becoming must have items.

Sometimes nostalgia benefits from a past we wish we experienced, from Woodstock, The Rolling Stones and The Who in the sixties to funk, soul and space hoppers in the seventies. The idea of the past is fascinating to us and we want to be part of it, even if we weren’t there first time round.


The rise in nostalgia t-shirts is proof of this, today’s t-shirts are looking to retro design for their inspiration or simply reproducing them completely. From old music t-shirts to retro movie posters, sometimes tried and tested designs are the best.

Reproductions are loved by nostalgia junkies, who may have had to search vintage shops and the internet for months for the perfect retro t-shirt. These reproduced designs allow them embrace something old, but with a brand new quality made tee.

With history constantly being made, nostalgia will always be a conversation starter and the essence of brilliant memories. From our childhood to rebellious teenage years to the beginning of our adult life – the TV, music and movies that accompanied them will always hold a special place in our mind and heart.

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