Why Move To Dallas Texas

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Why Move to Dallas, Texas?

The Cowboys, the Mavericks, the Stars and the Rangers are all part of the national image of Dallas, Texas.  Dallas is so much more than the world renowned sports franchises that call it home though.  Dallas, Texas offers a great place to live for your entire family.

And not all of the locals ride bulls and steer wrestle on the weekends, the recent economy has seen growth higher than the majority of the country.  Texas as a whole is a state filled with a variety of people, places and experiences but Dallas is one of its crown jewels.

why move to dallas tx

Here are some reasons that explain why.

  • One of Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2008 and again in 2010.  The city was noted for its phenomenal job growth (83 percent from 2000-2009), low crime rates, and high education level of the general public.
  • Warm weather.  It’s easy to complain about the heat in Texas, but a vast majority of Dallas residents have air conditioned homes.  With more warm weather, you can enjoy the outdoors year round.  The average high in the month of January, 60 degrees.
  • There are 38 movie theaters, almost 3,500 restaurants, and 41 libraries within 15 miles of the Dallas city limits.  There are endless entertainment opportunities to entertain even the most spoiled children.
  • There are 56 bars within 15 miles of Dallas and 154 public golf courses within 30 miles.  Spoiled adults can find activities all around Dallas too.
  • Local culture and the arts are a mainstay in Dallas. This can be seen at the Dallas Museum of Art, known for its crowd-attracting exhibits.
  • Plenty of sports.  Professional teams include the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars, but there are plenty of enjoyable amateur teams to watch as well.  Dallas is a sanctuary for sports lovers, whether you prefer to play or watch.
  •  Lastly, Texans love to party! Dallas tends to be the central location for people to gather for a good time.  Examples include the Taste of Dallas every July and the State Fair of Texas in September.  These and dozens of other events take place each year.

The locals will tell you that they don’t just love where they live, they enjoy where they live.  There are so many things to do around Dallas that you will not find anywhere else or on the same level anywhere.

Everyone Can Enjoy It

Bull riding, barrel races and biggest pumpkin contests still exist down there in Texas as they always will but I invite you to take a look at the aspects Dallas has to offer, even on a nationwide scale, mean something to a great many people.  Dallas is truly a place that you can call home.  Just ask the 1,207,420 people who call Dallas home.

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