Why Knitting Circles Are Great For All Ages

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Getting ahead of the weather and beginning your knitting now can have great benefits for when it gets truly cold. The bite of the wind and the cold of the frost is often enough to make most of us wince and to send a shiver up our spines. By getting the Wendy yarn out early and heating up those knitting needles we will really manage to ensure we are warm and cosy when the weather arrives.

One of the best ways to start knitting is to get involved in a knitting circle. These social circles allow knitters to make friends and also offer a range of other benefits. So, why should a want to be knitter with a full roll of Wendy yarn join a knitting circle?

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Joining or partaking in any circle that allows you to get involved and to showcase your passion or something you want to learn is good. It offers a support mechanism and also allows you to make new friends. If you knit at home you will find there are crotchets or other things you just can’t do, or do well for that matter. A knitting circle allows you a place where you can ask questions and benefit from the experience of other people.


By entering a knitting circle you also are partaking in something that you and others have in common. This means you will be able to easily strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know and then create the grounds for friendship. In a world where were are increasingly connected, but it seems like it is ever harder to meet people, a knitting circle goes right back to the old ways of making friends. Knitting circles have been doing this for centuries and will also do so for centuries to come.


By partaking in a knitting circle and getting out your Wendy yarn you are partaking in your community and adding to it in a positive manner. Once you become an established knitter you can help other newbies and create that positive atmosphere you experienced. You will be part of something and there to encourage others to be part of it too. It is also a relaxed place that allows you to escape from the rushing and pushing of the outside world.


Self-fulfilment is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself and if you challenge yourself you can be sure you feel this sense of fulfilment. By creating something new, finishing a knitting pattern or creating a new knit with something you learned from your knitting circle you increase the opportunity to feel this chance of achievement.

You Listen And Are Listen To

By joining a knitting circle you manage to listen to others to improve you and your knitting and also you are listened to when asking questions or helping others. It is something that many of us have forgotten how to do, but something that really benefits us and others around us.

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