Why Choose Designer Sunglasses?

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Designer sunglasses, like designer clothing, are often priced well above the normal price range for its category and many people wonder why. So why are they so popular? Many people wear designer sunglasses every day, even to the point of excluding ‘cheap sunglasses’ altogether. While this is because of a variety of reasons, most people eventually say that a single pair of designer sunglasses will last longer, look more stylish and protect the eyes better than any of the cheaper sunglasses that could have been purchased for the same price.

A Better Product

First, let’s take a look at quality. Sunglasses are of course designed to block sunlight so that it doesn’t hurt and damage the eyes. Many people also wear sunglasses to look ‘cool’, but I’ll get to that in a moment with fashion. A cheap pair of sunglasses might cost less than an hour’s wage, even for someone who doesn’t earn very much, but are they as good as a designer pair? The answer is not really. The first thing you will notice about a pair of discount sunglasses versus, let’s say a pair of Bvlgari sunglasses is that the polarisation, UV protection and glare reduction are all significantly improved on the more expensive glasses. Most cheap sunglasses eliminate about 50% of UV rays while designer sunglasses eliminate up to 97% or more and can even eliminate harsh light completely.

bvlgari sunglasses

Outside Glare

If you’ve ever tried to read in the sunshine, or been around water or other reflective surfaces with cheap sunglasses, you know that it’s not a great idea. Usually combined glare with dimmed lighting makes working on or near reflective surfaces including laptop and tablets nearly impossible. Since designer sunglasses usually contain glare reduction through high quality polarisation, they can eliminate glare completely so that you can easily work on a computer or tablet outdoors. Polarised sunglasses usually feature a photochromic layer made up of either dots or lines, that while too small for the eyes to see, helps to direct the light away to reduce glare. Cheaper polarised varieties can be found, but are often not the same quality and don’t fully reduce glare.

Fashion & Style

While it is possible to find imposters of popular brands including Bvlgari sunglasses, they don’t contain the high quality glass, polarisation properties, or materials as actual designer brands. However, imitations still work for this last factor. Many people wear designer sunglasses for fashion reasons, especially if they work or live in a higher profile area where what they wear can affect their appearance and perception. Some people wear designer brands that they personally like, that go well with their lifestyle and that they feel looks good on them.  For example, many men and women feel that wearing discount sunglasses reflect that they have very little money, don’t care about their appearance, or are simply ‘cheap’.

Most people chose to wear designer sunglasses because of the higher quality. A pair of cheap sunglasses can distort colours, blur vision and even provide very little polarisation. Since cheap sunglasses don’t protect the eyes from most UV light, and won’t allow you to work on a computer outdoors, many people chose to make an investment in a pair of sunglasses that will do these things.

If you don’t have the money to purchase designer sunglasses like you would cheap ones, try saving up, researching a pair of sunglasses that will flatter you, and then make a one-time purchase. Taking care of sunglasses, storing them in a case and cleaning them regularly can help your investment last a lifetime, which is something that can’t be said of many discount sunglasses. In fact, many designer shades come with a warranty that could last anywhere from one year to a lifetime. With all of the pros of designer sunglasses, most people think they are a valuable investment, especially when taken care of and preserved.

A pair of designer sunglasses is a quality investment that will last for years. Look for Bvlgari sunglasses and other designer brands for fashionable, high quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes.