Which Part Of The UK Has The Best Fancy Dress Costumes?

  • Sumo

Whilst there are the obvious film inspired fancy dress costumes as well as the old classics, there are also regional costumes that are popular in the UK and are a bit less well known elsewhere. If you’re a bit fed up of the usual fancy dress choices that other people choose, then why not do something a bit more traditional instead and wear a fancy dress outfit that shows that you’re proud of where you come from? This article explores four parts of the UK in a bid to find out where the best ideas come from.


Scotland has always proved to be a good source of fancy dress ideas – and it’s not only utilised by those who are north of the border either. Two of the most common outfits revolve around either the Scottish kilt or a complete ginger look from head to toe.

The former often involves a tartan kilt and front, a white shirt and perhaps a cape at the back. A black leather cap is common too with some outfits.

The ginger appearance on the other hand usually involves wearing a huge ginger wig, bushy ginger eyebrows, and a ginger beard. A tartan patterned hat, with a bobble at the top, is also common to finish off the outfit.

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The Welsh fancy dress is often a printed shirt with a red dragon on the front. The shirt itself is green from halfway down to the bottom of the shirt, and white in the upper region. There is also a hat which is white on top, with green inner lining and the famous red dragon image on the front.

Beyond this, there are many plays on the same theme with white and green being the predominate colours, and their red dragon also being a regular feature. On the subject of the dragon, some of the more adventurous options lean towards the whole outfit looking like the famous Welsh beast.


The green Leprechaun features throughout fancy dress for the Irish. For the men, the outfit is a little less flattering with wide padding everywhere, a green top hat and huge black clunky shoes.

For the ladies, the cute sexy Leprechaun outfits can include green hot pants, a white cropped top, green headband and knee high white socks with green stripes. For those who are looking to turn a few heads, this is one regional outfit that can certainly achieve this.


There are a lot more options when it comes to English theme and even if you were to take a look at Elliotts in the heart of Belfast, you’d still see that most of the country specific costumes focus around England.

Some outfits include the Union Jack flag covering most of the pattern (especially popular here is an Austin Powers 60s style skin tight dress for the ladies). Some actually go further with this and paint their face in either the England or UK flag to match their outfit.

If we were to broaden our horizons another fun fancy dress is for couples to dress up so that they resemble a bacon and egg special. Admittedly, it’s not the most appealing option available, but it can prompt more than a few laughs through a night out. Elsewhere, the traditional British Bobby’ is popular for men and women alike or an English Knight carries some pomp and ceremony if you like that kind of thing.