Where to find Motivation and Inspiration to Lose Weight

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At the New Year you had such good intentions of finally buckling down and shedding the pounds away, but now a few weeks into it you find yourself lacking the motivation and inspiration to accomplish your resolution. Weight loss is a battle that hundreds of thousands of people constantly fight. The only way to conquer the roller coaster of weight is to find something that will keep you going, motivate you, even when you may not feel like it. Prepare yourself for those down times by arming yourself with ways to motivate and inspire you to keep on keepin’ on. Here are some of the ways we find motivation to continue on the weight loss battle.

Lose Weight

Ideal  Image

Find a picture of what you want to look like. It can be an old picture of yourself or a celebrity with a body you admire. Post that picture somewhere you will see it often, either your bathroom mirror or even the refrigerator are great places to post it. When you see it daily, you will be reminded of your goals and what you want to accomplish – a driving force.

Weight Tracker

Create a spreadsheet that has room for you to track your weight and measurements weekly. Make sure you make a big total section so you can see the pounds and inches lost weekly and monthly.

Create a Kick-Butt Playlist

If you are like me, music moves you. Create a high-energy playlist on your iPod so you get excited to work out. Challenge yourself to push harder and go longer to hear that next song!

Progress Calendar

Pay yourself to work out. Set a goal for how often you want to exercise (or diet) and once you meet that goal for the month treat yourself to something special – a date night, shopping spree, trip or even a cheat night!

Take Healthy Cooking Classes

Learn how to make delicious, good-for-you meals by registering for a healthy cooking class. Not only will you meet other people with similar interest, you will learn how to prepare healthy meals that you want to eat!

Tell a Buddy

There is nothing like setting a weight loss goal with a friend. Telling a friend or loved one your weight loss goal will increase your accountability since other people know and can help encourage you along the way. Perhaps find a friend that wants to lose weight too. You can exercise together, share recipes, and motivate each other through the journey.

Susan Wright is a trained veterinarian of more than a decade and is a freelance writer. Susan frequently offers advice and tips for healthy living through modern technology.