What We Know and Love about Vintage Fashion

  • Sumo

As the New Year approaches, many people are seeing changes in their lives and everything around them. From the chilly temperatures to the vibrant turning leaves, the coming of the New Year is usually symbolic of a fresh start. One thing that will remain well into the New Year can be found in any fashionista’s closet- vintage classics. And not just thrift store vintage, but irresistible statement pieces that have been around long enough to earn the affection of the masses. That’s right, many timeless vintage garments have made this year’s must-have list in the fashion world and will undoubtedly remain a fashion force to be reckoned with in 2013. If you haven’t jumped aboard the vintage train reconsider visiting a vintage clothing store; you may be surprised at what you find.  Below is a checklist of essentials that can be incorporated into any lifestyle, body shape and budget.

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Mixing it Up

Fashion has come a mighty long way from the previous trend of overly matching outfits. Now it’s all about colorful pieces that complement each other in both subtle and bold ways. Mixing and matching softer colors like blush and nude make for a delicate, yet pure look. For the fashion veterans, experimenting with oranges, peaches, plums and teals for unique color block combinations will make a bold, but pretty ensemble. Pair a plum vintage chiffon blouse, with teal trousers and an orange blazer to find fashion heaven.

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Pretty in Peplum

When you think vintage, naturally a feminine silhouette comes to mind. A much prettier and less painful alternative to a girdle and cinched waist has surfaced in the fashion world in the form of peplum. Peplum has become the weapon of choice for modern women looking to mimic that antique shapely figure. The flared fabric along the waistline illustrates femininity and class which is a requirement for vintage lovers. Variations of peplum are available in both dresses and tops and can be adorned with classic floral prints, lace, geometric shapes or all of the above.

Vintage Head to Toe

What would an outfit be without the perfect shoes and accessories? Vintage heels, statement hats and one-of-a-kind jewelry transform any vintage look from safe and serious to sleek and sophisticated. Lace up boots are also a key fashion player and can be dressed up with a classic day dress or dressed down for a casual look fit for the night life. Booties have also become a popular alternative when paired with opaque black tights for an elegant look. For a trendy look, opt for opaque plum tights. Fashionable jewelry like chunky chain link necklaces and intricate rings add a rustic detail to both modern and vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing stores offer all of these options plus more so you’ll never be behind the eight ball when it comes to your fashion. Don’t be afraid to reveal your inner vintage goddess and embrace the fact that what’s old is new.