What Should You Do After Laser Hair Removal?

  • Sumo

For some people excess hair on the body in certain places can be an issue that leads them to make the decision to have laser treatment to remove it. This is a procedure that has become popular in the last decade or so and it is a treatment that you can have done in a range of places. It is found that laser hair removal will greatly reduce the amount of hair you have on the treated area as opposed to stopping hair from ever growing there again. Laser hair removal is done over a number of separate treatments but a benefit of it is how quickly it can often be completed. Once you have had the removal these are the things that you should ensure you do.

laser hair removal

Allow more time before shaving

It is advised that you are very cautious towards the area after you have had your laser treatment so make sure that you do not irritate it by plucking or waxing. Shaving is a slightly different matter and you are allowed to do it in between each treatment although you will be advised to wait for a day or two before you do.

Stay out of the sun

Sun tans can be a big problem when you have laser hair removal due to the higher chance of being burned from the treatment. It is very important not to allow your skin to be exposed to the sun in the few weeks leading up to the treatment and for the few weeks after. This is not as much of a risk during cold temperatures in the winter of course but if there happens to be a significant amount of sunshine in the period preceding your treatment or after it then make sure you are well protected by sun cream.

Do not wear make-up

Applying make-up is something that you should avoid in the 24 hours or so following the treatment and any facials or harsh chemicals that may be used as fragrances or to exfoliate should be avoided too. For exfoliating treatments on your face you should avoid these for around ten days ahead of and after your laser hair removal. A day or two is generally found to be long enough to wait before you use certain oils and perfumes.


As the skin will be particularly sensitive you should not subject it to a hot shower or bath in the couple of days after you have had your treatment.

Article written by Christian Robinson on behalf of the permanent hair removal treatment providers – http://www.juveaaesthetics.com/.