What are the Marketing Challenges Faced by Fashion Brands?

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This post looks at the marketing challenges faced by fashion brands in order to stand out in a hugely competitive industry.

Fight for Supremacy

Among all of the competitive industries in the world, fashion is perhaps one with the fiercest competition. Any industry that is responsible for producing an essential item – in this case clothes – will always attract a lot of attention and be the subject of great interest.

With that in mind, what are the biggest challenges that marketing professionals working in the fashion industry face, and how can they tackle them head on?

Fashion Designers and Fashion Brands

Getting Noticed

With so much competition and everyone aiming to meet the same objectives, it is a task in itself just to get noticed. When you open a magazine, for example, half of the pages will be full spreads of fashion brands or stores. Marketers know that this is a problem, so are continuously coming up with better ideas for showcasing their brand and products. How many fashion and style adverts do you now see that are actually based around those areas? Hardly any – a picture of a guy in a t-shirt doesn’t stop a person from turning the page. Someone diving off a waterfall, with the t-shirt highlighted, however, may grab a reader’s attention.

Staying Relevant

Ensuring that their campaigns are relevant are part of a marketing professional’s day to day work. The challenge is therefore not to keep their content relevant, but to make it relevant to the audience they are targeting.

Look at a men’s lifestyle magazine, for example. If Topman shell out thousands to advertise in a GQ or Esquire, they need to do so with a lot of confidence that readers of those titles are going to shop in their stores. No doubt brands have information that allows them to calculate their marketing spend, however it can be difficult to target your specific audience through print media when there are such varying demographics of readers.

For example, even in the magazines mentioned, you could find an ad for a £18 t-shirt on one page, and one for a £650 piece of tailoring on the other. Ensuring they are relevant to an audience is a massive challenge.

Understanding the Brand

Arguably the biggest struggle for marketing professionals is tailoring campaigns to match their brand. Every day there are dozens of great ideas that probably get written off in the offices of many a leading fashion brand, purely because it is not representative of the brand the label is trying to build. The marketing process is often difficult within fashion brands as that department can often be separated from the aims of sales and merchandisers, for example, and communication issues can consistently undermine the work done on the marketing side.

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