What are the Common Problems Women Face When Shopping?

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A Hard Life

At risk of perhaps sounding a little sexist, what is the deal with women who appear to be massively stressed out when they are shopping? Common consensus around the world is that women love shopping, yet it also seems to be the time when they reach their highest levels of stress, and in some cases, simple downright anger.

We looked at the reasons why women can get stressed out while shopping, and realised that it tended not to be all their own fault.

Impatient Partners

How annoying is it to take your boyfriend shopping, only for him to be irritating and agreeing with everything in the name of getting home quickly, despite promising that he wouldn’t do this before you headed out?

This is, of course, a double-sided coin, and some men are genuinely saying something looks great and that you should buy it immediately. Disagreements over whether a compliment is sincere when shopping is perhaps the single biggest cause of tension when it comes to couples shopping.

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Silly Sizing

One thing everyone around the world would be in agreement with is that there needs to be some sort of universal sizing system introduced. How can a man or a woman go from being one size in one store, to two or even three sizes smaller or bigger in another? This can be fairly innocuous, and something such as a t-shirt being a little small isn’t the end of the world, but what about when you need to return something like a bra because a particular store or designer has a different sizing standard?

Even for those who don’t find this embarrassing, the sheer inconvenience of having to return to the store later is still a huge problem.

Shopping Centres

Admittedly, this is another problem that can hinder both sexes, but is so big that it just couldn’t be ignored.

Shopping centres are generally getting bigger and better, wherever you are in the world, but we want to go to them to shop, not get our 10,000 steps a day racked up on our pedometers! They can be frustrating enough as it is, even if you don’t buy anything, however if you are treating yourself to a bit of a shopping spree, chances are that you may need to return to the car a few times as you cannot possibly carry everything. This isn’t easy when you’re having to walk the best part of a mile just to put some bags in the car, and return to the shopping centre.

The solution? Shop online, and take all of the stresses out of the equation!

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