Wedding Planning For Beginners – How To Get Started!

  • Sumo

So, you and your spouse have decided that you would like to take your relationship to the next level. Getting married is an exciting time for any woman, and every girl dreams of their perfect wedding when they are little. Your wedding day should of course be special and should be matched to your unique tastes. However, some people become overwhelmed with having to plan every little detail. Buying the wedding dress, hiring the cars, booking the church, booking the venue, dealing with the bridesmaids. These are just a few things we have to deal with! If you want some guidance on how to plan your wedding then these following tips will for sure come in handy.

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Purchase a wedding binder. Before you even start making any plans you need to ensure you have an organised folder in which to place all your important papers or ideas. If you are a very picky person than setting dates for particular events may help you on the previous months before the wedding. Such dates as picking up the wedding rings, or perhaps taking your bridesmaids to have their dresses fitted. A Wedding binder will be so much of a great help and you won’t need to stress so much.

Get some help. Although we think we have everything under control sometimes things can become too overwhelming. Planning a wedding can often be hectic so a little bit of guidance and assurance can be very helpful. You needn’t let someone take full control over the planning, but some moral support can go a long way.

Prepare the invites. If you have a set date in mind than it is crucial to ensure you know who you would like to invite. Write up a list of names you want to invite; don’t forget to make sure you and your spouse both agree on the guests attending. Once you have in mind who is attending your special day you can then design your invites. There are a number of ways to create special invitations. If you like arts and crafts than designing them yourself could be an option. If you prefer not to get your hands messy, you can have them made online for you.

Book the venues. This is more of an obvious part of the planning process. You need to know which type of venue the wedding reception will be held in. There are endless places you can now have a wedding take place. These are the places that people choose to hold a wedding; a church, a hotel, a reception office, a beach, a garden. Having an idea of whether you would like a theme or not will help you decide which type of venue will be ideal. As well as choosing where the ceremony will take place, you need to ensure that you have a place booked for afterwards. You can entertain your guests and celebrate your love in a perfect hall, hotel room or even a pub. Just make sure the venues are available! Booking in advance will be a great help.

Sort out the attire. This is especially important if you have any set ideas of which colours you would like people to where for your wedding. Perhaps you are going for a more fairy tale wedding and want to use pale pinks and glitter. Or you could be looking for more traditional colours such as whites or creams. First of all it is best to have picked out your wedding dress. Then you can begin dealing with the groom’s attire. There are a number of places that have tailored suits made; these can be fitted personally to ensure your man looks the part for the big day. Once you and your groom are ready you can then begin looking for bridesmaids dresses. Ensuring everyone is dressed appropriately is important. Additionally if you perhaps want your guests to dress in a certain way perhaps casual or black tie than this should be stated in the invites.

Get the wedding rings. Rings need to be purchased before the ceremony. This is such an important matter as the ring represents the eternity of your love for one another. Wedding rings symbolise a great meaning and therefore should be chosen properly.

Book the transportation. How will you be arriving on your special day? Whether it is in a limousine or horse and carriage this of course is a crucial part to your ceremony as you wouldn’t want to turn up late!

Whats on the menu? After a ceremony and hours of dancing away your guests are sure to work up an appetite. There are a variety of choices of menus available for wedding food. You can either have a sit down 3 course meal or you can simply have a finger buffet and let everyone pick their own foods. This part is entirely up to you.

Good Entertainment. Keeping your guests entertained is extremely important if you want to keep the celebration in full swing. You could perhaps hire a DJ and let your auntie strut her stuff on the dance floor, or you could hire yourself a mechanical bull. Everyone has their own preferences. Choose what you think will be ideal for your guests.

Well, I believe I have covered the main parts for planning a perfect wedding. There other things which may need to be addressed such as hiring a hair and makeup artist. The possibilities are endless, if you are on a tight budget than you can still have a great day. Happy planning and enjoy your special day!

Author: Sofia is a wedding planner and has her own blog and likes to share her love of wedding favors and wedding gifts with newly weds. Retail Packaging is a great way to ensure you wrap up your wedding presents in style.