Wedding Makeup Mistakes – Avoid Them at Any Cost!

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On the wedding day, more than anything else, a bride is the star attraction of the wedding. When all the guest’s eyes are on you at the wedding, it’s your duty to look drop-dead gorgeous and give them the reason to drool over you numerous times.

The significance of wedding makeup is indescribable in worlds. It is the wedding make up that makes the bride’s look alluring and render them a flawlessly beautiful bridal look. Such is the importance of wedding make up for brides-to-be that even the smidgen of makeup mistake can wreak havoc to their picture-perfect bridal look. When it comes to wedding makeup, you should plan ahead well to avoid any makeup mistake and ensure a fairytale appearance on your wedding day.

Wedding Makeup Mistakes

  1. Avoid Excess Makeup

In a quest to look absolute best, some brides go an extra mile and overdo their makeup which can wreck their dreamy bridal look.  Too much of the makeup render unnatural look and will make you uncomfortable as well. Apply your makeup in such a way that you don’t feel like wearing makeup at all.

  1. Trying Something New Before Wedding

Most of the brides have the crystal clear image of how they want to look at their wedding day. You set up makeup trial with the best makeup artist in Delhi and decide your expected look for the wedding day. Now the sudden hop from the pre-decided bridal look is a not safe thing to do right before the most special day of your life. Avoid using out of the box makeup products, tips, techniques, and stick to the fundamentals.

  1. Sticking too much to the Trends

Millennial brides are all about catching up the latest trends and adopting them asap to acquire the glamorous bridal look. Instead of following the Kardashians or Jenner’s fashion trends, go for a kind of wedding makeup which render you ageless bridal look and give your guests fair and square reasons to drool over your wedding album. Setup an appointment with the professional bridal makeup artist and discuss with him the classic bridal look you covet to have on your wedding day.

  1. Glitter

The use of excess glitter was high on trend during the 90s era. Today, there is no point of incorporating glitter with your wedding makeup. Adding glitter with your wedding makeup is giving your wedding photographer a chance to rile up. If you want your wedding pictures to be scintillating, vibrant, and flawless, avoid using glitter at any cost.

  1. Not Calling Professional Makeup Artist

One of the biggest mistakes you could commit to your wedding makeup is choosing your friend or an amateur makeup artist over the professional makeup artist. There is a lot of ceremonies involved in a typical Indian wedding. So your makeup game should be top-notch from dusk to dawn for the wedding photographs. Professional makeup artists know well how to give you a perfect bridal look that remains steady throughout the day and goes well with the photographs.

  1. Avoiding Makeup Trials

The very idea of a makeup trial is to test and unveil the bridal look that you wish for your wedding day. Professional makeup artists recommend makeup trials 2-3 months prior to the wedding so that you can experiment well with your bridal looks and lock the perfect one for your wedding day. Makeup trial sessions are worth investing and don’t skip them at any cost if you want your wedding appearance impeccable.

  1. Not using Waterproof Makeup

As there is so much hustle involved in a typical wedding function, you are sure shot to break the sweat. If you are not using waterproof makeup, there are quite the fair chances that your makeup will wash away with sweat. Hence, using waterproof makeup is a no-brainer! Hope that these make up tips for girls will work for you.