The Wedding Ceremony

  • Sumo

We all wait for this day throughout our live, with all the perks there are new responsibilities and relations. There is plenty of work and time is always less, at the end there is still incomplete work. Planning a wedding is not easy and the most difficult part is to choose the wedding dress and venue. Deciding a venue may take a lot of time and there are always some requirements of guests and capacity the hall can accommodate. If you are planning a big wedding than there are many other problems as well. Some people want it to be a special event like Eid or their birthdays to have anniversary wishes along with their birthday wishes. Weddings take a lot of time to take place and still at the end there are many people complaining about how it didn’t go well.

perfect wedding ideas

Being a bride or groom we all wait for this day and we all want it to be perfect. When the day come excitement and joy is at peak and so is your worry. Hiring a wedding planner will save you from a lot of worries; all of the extra chores like selecting Wedding Cards can be done by your planner. He or she can also design card on your request and choice, you have to be specific about the wedding colors and decoration. As your dress should be both decent and sparkling so it is the biggest thing you have to deal with. Everyone can’t afford a designer to design dresses or shoes; some people have to work it out in budget and still want to look at their best. There is a wide range of Indian wedding dresses and Indian Wedding cards and they are not too expensive. A person with medium pocket can afford it easily.

Everyone cannot heir a planner as well, so be the planer by yourself, take some time out with your spouse to be and plan how you both want the big day to be. Make a mutual deal and plan the wedding together because it is most important day of your life and most of the people have only one wedding. There are always going to be people complaining about food or about your clothes, so it is better to avoid listening to them. If you are happy then don’t care about anyone else, because it is your big day.

Bridal makeup is most important since everyone is looking at her that day. Poor makeup or too much makeup will also lead to worst photography results which no one wants. Be sure that whoever is getting you ready for the big day should have high experience in makeup and preparing brides for the big day. If you are getting ready at home watch some makeup tutorials and practice the same makeup you want to do plenty of time. At the end its your day you are the one pulling commands don’t let fear take over your joy.