Visualise Your Sense of Style with Fashion Mannequins

  • Sumo

We have all gone into fashion stores, whether high end or high street, and gained information from the way the mannequins are styled.

That is no surprise as it is the job of visual merchandisers and retail staff to put together outfits that will cause buyers to want to have the whole outfit.

Well thought through psychology and experience goes into dressing a shop window and styling and arranging the shop mannequin.

If it works for consumers when they are out and about shopping, then why can’t that same logic be applied to visualising our sense of style?

Developing a sense of style can be more complex than some realise.

Style with Fashion Mannequins

It is not hard to be sucked into the consumerism pattern of trends and find yourself with a wardrobe full of clothes that you only bought because they were featured on the runway.

Firmly sticking to what you know you like and suits you is a hard feat to face. Developing your own personal style and a capsule wardrobe to suit takes some time, preparation and inspiration.

Once you have realised what it is that you like to wear the most and what suits you, the next challenge is putting it all together in ways that do not look stale and repetitive.

One issue with finding a style is becoming stuck in a rut. Once you realise that you look good in skater dresses or blazers or straight cut trousers, it becomes hard to stray away from your comfort zone.

However, using a mannequin and dressing it like they do in the shops will allow you to trial outfits and see how they look from an outside perspective before you put them on.  It will also give you the freedom to experiment with new looks without facing the embarrassment of realising you have thrown an outfit together that does not flatter you.

Having a visual example of an outfit or a number of outfits that suit you will help to enhance your sense of style and make you feel more confident when you go to put them on.

Knowing you have put a certain amount of time putting together your look will eventually lead you to a place where you can quickly make a decision on what suits you and worry about it less.

Dressing a mannequin up and having it as a point of reference for your style will help you regularly visualise what you like, what you do not like, and how it will look. It will allow you to get used to that style and build upon it.

You can also go one step further and accessorise your mannequin. Looking at how particular articles of clothing will only go so far, when you put on a certain outerwear, shoes or bag, the whole outfit can be changed.

With a mannequin, you will be able to see how those changes will work with your outfit. This method will allow you to play around with your sense of style, develop and change it.

Eventually you will be comfortable in it, know what suits you and be able to always look chic and well put together.