Viewers not impressed by Rihanna’s new fashion show

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Rihanna has just found out that just because she is a household name in the world of pop music this does not qualify her to become an instant success in other areas too.

While there is no disputing that the 24-year-old singer is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, the reaction to her new Styled To Rock fashion programme has certainly been anything but positive.

According to statistics relating to the Sky Living show, under 100,000 people are tuning in to the channel each week to see what the competing fashion designers are getting up to.

The aim of the show is to witness these aspiring designers compete for the opportunity to style the pop princess herself for an appearance at a leading festival.

Despite putting her name to the programme, the TV viewing audience are not particularly impressed with the series, as the figures above go to show. The slot when the show is aired each week is 9pm, which usually draws in around 150,000 people, yet the first two episodes brought in 95,000 and 79,000 respectively.

rihanna fashion show

Sky bosses are optimistic that the situation will improve, especially with Rihanna at the forefront of the show’s appeal. The ‘Rude Boy’ singer is certainly at the height of popularity right now and her fashion style has inspired many of her fans across the globe.

This news just goes to show that while pop music is big business, when it comes to designer fashion, people are very deliberate about what they watch. To be seen as credible in this industry takes a lot of doing and many years of hard work is the norm to breakthrough and having your views listened to by those that take fashion seriously. The biggest names in fashion design have taken time to come up with collections and trends that really stand out.

While celebrities are often see as the go-to people to promote certain styles and trends, it is the creative types in the industry who keep the whole thing moving and ensure that the latest collections are exactly what consumers want to be wearing.

Buying the right designer clothes takes a great deal of trial and error and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to create an individual look that says a lot about your own personality. While it is great to have an icon to look up to in terms of dress sense, the ultimate decision on clothes shopping is completely down to you.

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