Understanding Omega 3 and its Benefits To the Human Body

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written by: Mugo500

Omega three is a group of three fats namely ALA, DHA and EPA. ALA is found in plants, while DHA and EPA are found in marine animals. In the recent past, there has been debate on Omega 3 supplements, with some scientists arguing that they cause cancer. However, since this research has been discredited, and it is safe to state that, Omega 3 has enormous health benefits to the human body. In fact, people that feed almost exclusively on marine animals tend to have longer lifespans, than the rest of humanity. A good example of this is the Japanese. Japan has one of the largest fish eating populations in the world. The country also happens to have one of the longest average lifespans in the world. So what are some of the benefits of Omega 3 to the human body?

To start with, is that Omega 3 facilitates bodily metabolism. With the help of Omega 3, the body is able to break down cholesterol. Cholesterol is the major causes of heart diseases, and related ailments. Recent studies show that, a consistent intake of fish oil , which is rich in Omega 3 can help prevent stroke. How does Omega 3 do this? According to a research by the University of Maryland, Omega 3 does this by preventing the build-up of Plaque in the arteries. For those who wish to live a life free of heart diseases but can’t access fish, there is the option of taking Omega 3 supplements.

Understanding Omega 3

The second benefit of Omega 3 to the body is that it aids in brain development. A high intake of Omega 3 at a young age has a significant impact on an individual’s cognitive abilities. Though Omega 3 is not the only factor that contributes to how high or low a child’s IQ is, it cannot be brushed off.

The benefits of Omega 3 do not stop there. Studies show that, Omega 3 can help prevent as well as cure Arthritis. It does this by drastically reducing joint tenderness and smoothness. This makes Omega 3, a powerful contributor in the cure of this painful disease, that robs many of their ability to work, and drive the economy forward.

Omega 3 also has the benefit of being a cure to mental illness. It does this by covering nerve cells in the brain allowing nerves to communicate effectively. In fact, scientists link low intake of Omega 3 to conditions such as depression, Schizophrenia and ADHD.

Omega 3 also confers upon those who take it, the benefit of a smooth healthy skin. This makes it very essential to women seeking beauty. People with a high degree of Omega 3 in their diet are unlikely to suffer Acne even in their teenage years, when hormonal changes start taking place. Still on women, Omega 3 is known to significantly reduce the occurrence of menstrual cramps. Cramps not only make a woman uncomfortable, they also cut her productivity, which in the long run is a loss to the economy.

From the above, it is clear that, Omega three is a must have in every household. It can go a long way in keeping a family healthy and happy.