The Ultimate Guide For Flower Girls On Your Wedding

  • Sumo

Flower girls are important part of each wedding ceremony. Those are the cute little girls dressed in lace flower girl dresses. Despite for looking all cute, their duty is to walk down the aisle before the bride and  spread flower petals. If you think that this will make your little guests happy, then you should invite one or a few flower girls. The wedding etiquette contains a few rules regarding the choice, duties, and costs, in case you are not familiar with it. Check the ultimate guide for flower girls on your wedding!

lace flower girl dresses


Do You Need A Flower Girl On Your Wedding?

Many brides choose to have one just because they want for a young family member to take part.  However, having a flower girl is optional. This is an interesting way to include young children in the ceremony, which will make them very happy. But it is okay not to have a flower girl if you can’t find a suitable aged girl.


The role of a flower girl is reserved for small children. You can include a cousin, niece, or a friend’s daughter.Girls aged 3 to 7 years are considered to be the perfect for this. It is okay if you want to have more than one flower girl. Consider this if you have a few little girls invited to your wedding, so that neither one feels angry that they have not been chosen.

The Dress

The little flower girl symbolizes innocence and happiness. The dress choice is a discutable question, and there are a few options available. The first one is a mini-version of the bride gown. Having a mini copy of the bride on a wedding is so cute, and this will definitely make the flower girl so happy. Or, the dress can match the bridesmaids dresses whether by color or style.

According to the wedding etiquette, each guest bears the costs for their own attire. The same goes for the toddler flower girl dresses. Although these costs are completely covered by the parents, the bride can purchase the dress as a gift.


The usual accessories for a flower girl are a basket and a flower wreath. The girl will be holding a basket for the petals that she will spread down the aisle. Usually this type of accessories are coordinated with the wedding theme. All of the accessories should be paid and chosen by the bride.

Prepare Them For The Big Day

Remember that kids will always stay kids. They might cry or even fall asleep during the wedding. It is up to you to explain their duties and make them feel comfortable. It is very likely that the little flower girl will get shy. To make it easier for her, grouping can work. The flower girl should be accompanied by another flower girl, or the ring bearer. Also, offer a nice gift to show appreciation for their work.