Two Simple Ways to Add Celeb Style To Your Wardrobe

  • Sumo

As a nation we have fallen in love with celebrity style. Given the chance, who wouldn’t want to look like Cheryl or Rihanna? It is now easier than ever to channel the look of the rich and famous with many high street stores emulating designer pieces at affordable rates, and plenty of help from fashion blogs and glossy mags.

If you haven’t got the time to trawl through blog after blog looking for celeb inspiration for your wardrobe, however, fear not. There are a couple of easy ways to style up an everyday ensemble and add a touch of A-list class.

I am a firm believer in the power of a jacket to transform an outfit. Statement jackets are a great way to create a strong silhouette, and make a simple vest-and-skinnies combo look fashion conscious. Whether you want to indulge in trends such as sequins and baroque, or gain a timeless piece like a Chanel-inspired boucle jacket, statement jackets are an easy and versatile way to revamp your wardrobe.

celebrity style

The most important, least expensive, and easiest tip I can give, though, is to invest in eyewear. Who said sunglasses are only for the summer? From Mary Kate Olsen’s casual style to the preened perfection of Victoria Beckham, sunnies are a celeb staple all year round. If you can afford to, spending on a designer pair will raise the status of your whole outfit, but if you are shopping on a budget, you can pick up designer-esque styles for as little as £2.

The only rule when choosing your eyewear is to make it a statement piece; go for an oversized pair à la Nicole Richie, or perhaps a vintage style. The cat-eye style is feminine and fun, oozing old Hollywood glamour, while a classic pair of wayfarers are a little more indie/grunge. For a more modern look, go for something like Kim Kardashian’s fashion-forward oversized shield sunnies, which have a futuristic edge.

If sunglasses are an issue and you wear normal eye glasses, the same goes! Use them to your advantage by turning them into your most valuable accessory. Investing in designer glasses is a great way to add a hint of class either to your work-wear or go-to casual look, with many brands opting to put a subtle logo on their frames, they are a prominent accessory. A classic black or white frame will compliment any outfit, but if you can, invest in a second pair with a bold pattern or colour (oxblood/maroon is very popular this season!).

A few statement accessories can completely change a look for the better; you don’t have to spend hundreds to feel mag-worthy.