Turquoise: A Jewelry Trend That Keeps Coming Back

  • Sumo

Trends come and go but timeless turquoise, with its rich blue-green hues, has been treasured for millennia by kings and commoners alike. One of the reasons for its enduring popularity is that it partners so well with many other stones, metals, fabrics and styles without losing its own beauty.

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Fun Facts about Turquoise:

  • Turquoise reached a height in popularity in the US back in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, when there was a renewed interest in American Indian art and design, then faded away for a bit but is making a stronger comeback than ever.
  • Most turquoise was originally mined in what is now Iran (ancient Persia); however, today much of the world’s turquoise also comes from the US Southwest, especially Arizona and Nevada, as well as China.
  • Genuine turquoise stones tend to carry a higher price tag but there are lots of lovely faux pieces available that won’t break the budget. These are usually made with dyed or ‘stabilized’ (coated) stones as well as plastic, and look so much like the real thing that only an expert can tell the difference.
  • Traditionally, turquoise was combined with sterling silver or copper, but today ‘anything goes’ with this beautiful stone. In recent years, there has been a trend among some noted artisans to return to the use of gold as a mounting material for turquoise, as was popular in ancient Persia.

How to wear turquoise this season:

  • Animal prints: was ever a stone more perfect for those wild and wonderful animal prints? Its bold colors are a natural foil for the beiges and browns in leopard and giraffe, while the blacks and whites of a zebra print makes blue-green turquoise absolutely pop! Try it paired with stunning Tibetan silver beads as a bangle with bold chandelier earrings for a sizzling look at holiday parties!
  • Black: turquoise is the stone of choice to wear with a plain black top or dress, especially when you want to ‘rock’ (sorry!) a dressy look for more casual events! While the silver-and-turquoise combo always looks great, try the stone with copper or other metals for a more casual or tribal look. Punk – especially ‘steampunk’ – styles favor more antiqued copper bronze with a patina, which complements most turquoise perfectly. Go for a Victorian look with tiny turquoise stones in drop or chandelier earrings as well as in chokers and rings.
  • Western/denim: a chunky turquoise cuff or pendant set in traditional silver, paired with jeans and a chambray or white blouse worn over a contrasting tank is perfect for dressing up casual wear. Add Western-style boots and a suede jacket for a relaxed look that’s timeless. Don’t forget your silver-and-turquoise dangle earrings!