Trends in Sports Fashion

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Each season new sports fashions are presented allowing athletes and exercise enthusiasts to personalize their look when working out and playing sports. These trends make it possible for the athletic gear you wear to be a combination of both fashion and function. When you look good you feel good, and the sports fashion trends below provide you with the support you need—as well as the fashion you desire.

Lightweight Winter Gear

If you run, cycle, or play outdoor sports in the cooler fall and winter weather, you are definitely in the market for athletic gear that will keep you warm while working out. While you require athletic gear the keeps you warm, it is often bulky, which can make it cumbersome to achieve your fitness and workout goals. While they may be investment pieces, the newest generation of winter gear is designed to be thin, lightweight and flexible. This allows athletes to achieve their full range of motion and stay warm at the same time.

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Prints, Patterns, And Graphics

Basic athletic staples such as t-shirts, tanks, shorts, athletic pants, and sports bras are often designed in solid or dual colors. However, the latest trends in sports fashion are being designed with modern graphics, fun prints, and bold color combinations. This allows athletes to purchase sports fashions that match their personality and sense of style. While the external design may not improve performance, having performance gear you can’t wait to wear can boost your confidence and desire to stay fit.

Thinner And Lighter Athletic Shoes

For many years athletic shoes needed to be wide and clunky to provide athletes with the support they required—however, that is not the case anymore. Today’s athletic shoes are thinner and lighter, and depending on the sport they are designed for, many athletic shoes are designed to form to your foot. While some athletic shoes still have a primarily hard or inflexible sole, several are designed to have a flexible or split-sole. This allows athletes a greater range of motion, and the ability to achieve more precise movement. More and more athletic shoes are also being designed out of breathable mesh that reduces perspiration. On top of the additional functionality, athletic shoes are also designed in colorful combinations allowing athletes to coordinate their outfit—or add a fun pop of color.

Gym-to-Day Gear

The increase of fitness routines that are performed outside of a gym with a full locker room and showers—such as yoga or Pilates—means that the need for versatile athletic gear is on the rise. Men and women alike desire sports fashions that can be worn before and after a workout when running errands or meeting friends for lunch or coffee afterward. Many of these fashion trends are designed to be worn in layers such as vests, jackets, and stylish tops that make the outfit look casual, yet appropriate for personal activities too.

The above trends in sports fashion are just a few that are available to athletes. You can tray any combination of them to find the trends that best meet your fitness needs. If you have a sport or exercise routine of choice, there is sure to be sport-specific gear that is designed to increase both performance and comfort.

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