Top Tips To Looking Great In Your Scrubs

When you work in the medical field, it is often very easy to feel as if you are simply fading into the background. Medical uniforms are a necessity for many different positions, but there is no reason that they need to be bland and uninteresting. The truth of the matter is that your uniform can be surprisingly stylish and personal. Take a few minutes to think about what your options are going to be when you want to make your medical uniform more interesting.

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If your job allows you to, dress up your scrubs with accessories. The right earrings and bracelets can help fairly dull scrubs look more interesting, particularly if you can match those accessories one of the color elements on your uniform. Don’t forget your hair when you are thinking about accessories. For example, a scrunchy with a flower design on it can be quite lovely, as can a hair clip with a lovely metal charm glued to it. Scrubs are like any other clothing; they look great when you make them match the rest of your outfit.

Consider a Back Tie

One reason why many people do not like scrubs is due to the fact that they are baggy and rather sack-like. While this is certainly true for the most part, there are ways to escape this shapelessness. For example, look for scrubs that have a tie in the back. This allows you to create a visual pinch right above your hips, giving you more waist definition. A back tie is helps you get so shaping into the garment, which can help you feel a lot more fashionable.


Have you ever wondered why the medical uniforms in medical dramas look so good? The show’s costuming department is certainly not buying scrubs off the rack! The scrubs may start there, but then they are tailored to fit the body. You can have your scrubs tailored, or, if you have some sewing know-how, you can simply do this at home. For example, taking a small pinch out of the sides of your scrubs gives you a waist, and creating a curved seam along the center back can help it fit more closely to your body in general.

Colors and Patterns

When most of us think of scrubs, we think of things in dull green or blue. While these are standard for a reason, you’ll find that if you go to a store that sells them, there are plenty of options available to you. If you work with kids, scrubs in a fun pattern can be a great way to break the ice while giving you a wonderfully playful look. On the other hand, if you want something a little more severe and sedate, you’ll find that scrubs in a deep maroon or a dark navy might be more appropriate.

Scrubs do not have to be dull and dowdy. Make the choices that allow you to look great and feel fashionable all day at work.

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