Top Tips for Buying Ties that Won’t Strangle Your Sense of Fashion

  • Sumo

People don’t have to be told what an impression a good tie can make. Despite knowing this, we still run into people sporting the most atrocious ties. Honestly, some of these ties are so horrible, the person would be better off with a chimpanzee swinging around their neck. What is the point of spending a small fortune on a well-cut suit if you are going to pair it with a tie that is going to spoil the overall look? Buying a good tie is not that difficult, but it does not mean that you take it lightly. Here are some top tips on how to buy a tie that is right for you and will make you look dapper.

Get the right size (length and width)

Contrary to popular belief, ties do not fall into the ‘one-size fits all’ category. Ties are available in various sizes and choosing the right size means picking a tie of appropriate length and width. As far as length is concerned, the tip of the tie should not dangle below the beltline. It also should not be so far up that you show a lot of shirt between the tie and the top of your pants. Make sure that the width of the tie corresponds to your build and how wide your upper body frame is. If the tie is too short and too wide, you will end up looking like a used car salesman from the 1980s.

Pick the correct colour and design

Colour coordination is a very important factor to consider when choosing a tie. If you want to buy a tie that will go very well with a particular shirt that you own, do not hesitate to take the shirt along with you when you go shopping. Placing the ties on top of the shirt will give you a good idea about which colour tie you should choose. Similarly, do not be afraid to try different designs. A bold tie design can get you many compliments, as long as it does not clash with your suit.

Know your fabrics

Like any other piece of clothing, even ties are made using various kinds of fabrics. A silk tie is usually considered to be the best of the lot and is the preferred fabric for many top tie designers. If you are looking for something a bit flashy, then a satin tie is the perfect choice. The glossy finish and bold colours of a satin tie ensure that it does not look out of place at a party. If you are on a shoestring budget and need ties for everyday wear, then polyester ties are your best option. Despite not costing a lot, it is amazing how many designs you can choose from when purchasing a polyester tie. For a sophisticated outdoor look, it will be well worth the time and effort to explore the option of ties made from cashmere.

Although it is possible to buy ties online, fashion experts always recommend going to a store to buy one. Not only will you get a truer sense of the colour and material, you also get a better look at the quality of the tie.