Top Ten Mini-Moon Ideas

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A mini-moon, put simply, is a short vacation for newlyweds that don’t have the time to venture on a two week long honeymoon. The mini-moon trend is increasing in popularity lately, with the average duration lasting one to four days.  This period is usually followed by a longer honeymoon at a later date. It’s great for couples who can’t get time off work, or for those who need to save up the money for it.

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The Mini-Moon Period

A mini-moon may not be a long, romantic cruise, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less romantic. There are plenty of reasons why a couple may opt for a mini-moon, the main one being financial. In today’s economy it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan and pay for the wedding, the food, the dress, the location… these are costly factors that may be the deciding influence of your honeymoon. This is why many people are now going for a shorter trip in order to build funds.

Vacation Times

Another issue is getting the time off from work. For many of us, booking time off for a wedding day is fine, but the long duration of time afterwards may prove to be an issue for many companies. This is where a mini-moon comes in. By booking less time off from work you are able to still enjoy married life, while paying out fewer expenses for a honeymoon experience. It also allows you to take your official honeymoon at a later date, so it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of a proper holiday.


You may be wondering where to go on your mini-moon. There are plenty of destinations available, and many couples still wish to go abroad on their mini-moon, just without the large expenses. By going abroad you are able to take in the lifestyle and culture of another country while truly feeling like you are away from the stresses of day to day life. For manycouples, going abroad is expensive; however there are several destinations that offer cheap short stays for this very purpose.

Top 10 Places To Visit On Your Mini-moon

Great Minimoon Destinations

  • France – Château de la Chèvre D’Or
  • Italy– Amalfi Coast
  • Venice– Orient Express
  • Paris- Eiffel Tower

·         Netherlands- Amsterdam

·         England – Lucknam Park

·         Wales- Under The Thatch

·         Miami- South Beach

·         Sweden- Ice Hotel

·         Greece- Santorini

Listed above are just a few examples of cheap getaways for your mini-moon period. The hotels and locations offer short stays for a reduced rate and are perfect for those looking to get away for a few days.

As you can see, you can still enjoy a short mini-moon period abroad with minimal funds, an idea that is becoming increasingly popular over these last few years.

The Ice Hotel in Sweden for example, is a hotel made entirely of ice and not much more! The rooms, bedrooms, beds… everything is hand carved out of snow and ice. This affordable hotel can provide an experience unlike any other, and can make a truly memorable mini-moon. The hotel provides you with thermal sleeping bags, so you can enjoy the scenery with a luxurious, warm, and comforting room.

Author Bio

Ted Fairworth works in a travel agents and talks with couples regularly about honeymoon and mini-moon destinations; he understands couples on a budget and recommends these great mini-moon destinations for their affordable price and stunning scenery.