Top 5 Quick Style Tips for Women

  • Sumo

Even the most organised among us can find ourselves in a position where we have little time to get looking stylish for the day ahead. It might be that our partners or children have stolen our socks (it happens!), or that we forget to charge our mobile phone before going to bed. This is not a massive problem on the face of it, except that we were relying on that as our alarm to wake us.

We looked at five quick tips that will keep you confident of looking great, even on those occasions when time is most definitely your enemy.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have decided before going to bed what you are going to wear the next day. Obviously, if you wake up late then pulling something out of the wardrobe isn’t the hardest thing to do, but you run the risk of grabbing the one item that you haven’t worn for a long time, then remember why as soon as you look in the mirror at work!

The only obstacle then is the aforementioned partner or children taking your socks!

It’s in the Bag

Ensure that you keep your bag stocked with any cosmetic essentials that you incorporate into your look. In order to avoid missing anything, have a specific item that always stays in your bag, and a separate one for using at home. If you don’t, then you can guarantee the morning you want your refreshing facial moisturiser that you have left it in the bathroom.

Get Fresh

Cosmetic mishaps could still occur even if you are well-stocked and ready, so ensure that you have removed any cosmetics using cleansing and nourishing wipes before going to bed.

Not only does this help your skin to recover and prevent you developing nasty looking spots, you will also be immediately sporting the ‘au natural’ look in the morning if you are short on time.

Think Hair

Most of us love our hairstyles, but curse when they won’t do what we want them to in a short space of time.

There are two options here. Either take the same attitude as you do to cosmetics and clothes are be ready the day before, taking care of washing and straightening before bedtime, or ensure you have a style that can be easily managed and made to look great quickly during a morning rush.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Ensure that all of the clothes in your wardrobe are stylish, functional, and comfortable in equal measure. Okay, so this isn’t really a quick tip, but there is nothing worse than feeling tired and rushed, and then having to wear something that isn’t ideal for the day ahead.

Keep your wardrobe up to date so that you are assured of a great look and a feeling of confidence whatever you wear. Follow all of our tips so that no-one can ever notice if you have only recently got out of bed!

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