Top 5 Mistakes Men Make When Buying a Wedding Ring

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A wedding ring is symbolic of the bond between two people when they choose to marry. Because of its importance, a wedding ring purchase can be stressful. Here are five mistakes men make when buying a wedding ring and how to avoid them.

1 Not Establishing a Price Range
Let’s face it: there are a lot of rings out there. The first step is to narrow the field, and a practical way to do that is by establishing a price range that is comfortably affordable. Within any given price range, there will be a wide selection of rings.

2 Going Shopping Without a Vision
While window shopping is fun and can provide some ideas, it’s best to have a basic idea of what to look for when setting out to actually buy. For instance, should the band contain precious stones? Should it have an antique look (or even be an antique)? Should it be gold or silver? Again, narrowing options is the idea here.

3 Not Asking What She Wants

Asking what the woman wants seems logical, but this is exactly where many men fail. In the interest of surprise or some romantic notion, a man may think it is best to try to read her mind. This is almost always a failure. While a woman wants a ring given from her man’s heart, she also wants it to be the ring she has dreamed about.

4 Not Buying from a Reputable Dealer

Sure, Uncle Dave has a friend who has a friend who can get you a great deal. However, think about the eternity of the wedding ring. Think about not only what it symbolizes but practically speaking what the ring will endure throughout the years. Buying a wedding ring is not the place to compromise on quality. Buy from a known source with a guarantee to back up the product.

5 Not Matching the Ring to Lifestyle
A wedding ring should match the style and reality of the person who will wear it. A person who is conservative and reserved will want to wear a different kind of ring than someone who likes more flash. Consider what kind of work the person does and how she uses her hands for her everyday routine.

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Part of matching the ring is to observe what kind of jewelry she already wears. Is it gold? Is it silver? It is best to coordinate the purchase with the color of her jewelry. If she sometimes wears one or the other, consider buying a two-toned ring.

A Ring, Like Your Love, Is Forever
Knowing what to avoid in shopping for a wedding ring can ensure that many years from now, this special ring will endure as a symbol of the permanence of the relationship.

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