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This article looks at the essential style items that all men should treat themselves to in time for Christmas.

Give and Take

So Christmas is on its way and you are spending a lot of money on excellent gifts for those that are closest to you. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel a little bit of envy and wish you were spending some of that on yourself. After all, the end of the year is the traditional party season, and if you have spent all of your money on someone else then your style is not going to stack up when it comes to dressing to impress at the office party.

We looked at five essential items that you should treat yourself to this winter.

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A Polo Shirt

This doesn’t have to be a real luxury purchase unless you go for something high end designer, however it should be something that you add to your wardrobe in time for the numerous parties and additional nights out you will be attending later this year.

A polo shirt is the perfect middle ground between relaxed casual and smart, the place where you will more often than not need to find you style falling this season. Go for a dark navy or red colour for an essential sophisticated look which will draw envious glances from all around.

A Sweater

If you really want to push the boat out then go for cashmere or merino wool. Even if you for a simple knit from the high street, a quality sweater should be a part of your essential winter wardrobe.

If you go for a luxury item, then go for a neutral brown colour, while high street knits are best patterned as it will add more to your overall look.

New Bag

Heritage blazers are huge this year and next, so you should ensure that you have a tweed holdall to go with it. This is perfect for taking to the office, or as a weekend bag if you plan to stay in a hotel or at a friends’ house after you have been to a party.

Collared Cardigan

Yes, you should ensure that you have a cardigan and a jumper in your wardrobe this winter. The only real rule here is to try and avoid those that are too long and have a tie belt. We said cardigan, not a glorified dressing gown!

The Pea Coat

All of the big fashion superstars are focussing their energy on the Mac, leather jackets, or the emergence of military style once again. You should look to fly under the radar in a stylish, navy blue pea coat that will be great for the office instead of your suit jacket, or with jeans and chinos down the pub on Saturday afternoon.

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