Top 10 Superfoods for Guaranteed Weight Loss

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Are you physically and mentally exhausted and sore from working out, walking, jogging and fad diets? Is gastric bypass not the miracle that you were looking for? Look no further! You will be excited and amazed to learn that you can eat that weight right off of you with these superfoods. They are not only high in nutritional value, they are also just that……Superfoods for good health and weight loss!

Look over this list of some of the best superfoods and start eating your way to a perfect figure.


Having a bowl of oats for breakfast is the way to start the day! Oats are high in fiber and will keep you feeling full all day. They also burn fat by helping to boost you metabolism.


This fruit is highly beneficial for weight loss. Avacadoes are loaded with nutrients and fiber that keeps you feeling full all day. If you feel full longer then proper digestion can take place.


If eggs are what you like for breakfast, then losing weight is on your menu! Many studies are suggesting that an ingredient in eggs can help reduce calories consumed throughout the day.


Eating chocolate used to be taboo in a diet. It is now known that dark chocolate contains high quality cocoa powder that is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are well-known to assist with weight loss.

guaranteed weight loss tips


Salmon is not only effective in weight loss, it also has many other health benefits. Salmon has essential Omega-3 fatty acids that not only aid in losing weight, it’s also good for your heart, inflammation and arthritis.


Eat broccoli to lose weight, fight cancer and lower your cholesterol! Broccoli has a high quantity of fiber which will help prevent you from gaining weight.


Brown rice is a great superfood for weight loss. Brown rice is low in calories and high in fiber so you will feel full longer.


Wine is not only good for your heart and preventative of other conditions but studies indicate that light to moderate wine use are protects you from gaining weight!


Green tea is another superfood that not only burns fat but also has many other health benefits. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which will help you to lose weight and fight cancer. It is a heart healthy superfood and is known to increase endurance levels. Higher endurance levels means you can exercise longer and increase weight loss even more!


Last on the list but not the least in it’s benefits is the orange. Oranges are full of fiber that assists with weight loss. It is also loaded with Vitamin C which will boost your metabolism and burn fat.


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