Top 10 T shirts for Men in summer 2016

Let’s face it, when a man is wearing a well fitted tuxedo, nothing beats that! Men in suits are automatically attractive to the ladies. However, they can also look great wearing casual clothing like T-shirts. The kind of T-shirt you wear also says a lot about your fashion taste. It gives a message to people about your personality and sometimes it also reflects on what mood you are in. Are you the gothic, serious type, wearing always dark colors and plain T-shirts? Or are you the funny and happy go lucky person that wears the T-shirt that has something like “YOLO” written on the front of it. Or you are the trendy, risky, fashion lover who loves to channel his inner “Harry Styles” and wear silk shirts with bold flamingo prints! That said, here are the top 10 trends in t shirts for men category this summer.
Top 10 T shirts for Men in summer 2016

1.     Oversized polo T-shirts:
For the classic boys polo shirts are the way to go this summer. Wear them either with gym shorts or khaki pants for the ramp effect.

2.    T-shirts with stripes:
Shirts with stripes never go out of fashion. They look super cool and they come in different stripes like black and white, or white and blue etc.

3.      Silk, vintage shirts:
If you are the type to follow the ramp fashion, then you know that this summer vintage silk shirts are all the rage.

5.      Graphic T-shirts:
raphic t shirts are so in these days in fashion. You see all the celebs wearing it these days and almost all the websites offering online shopping in Pakistan have them.

6.      Hawaiian T-shirts:
Yes, they do look funny and too much color splash in one T-shirt, but these t-shirts are great to wear on the beach for the vacation.

7.      Band T-shirts:
Everyone loves to boast about their favorite band. What better way to tell people about that then to wear your favorite band T-shirt.

8.     Skins fit T-shirts:
What better way to show off your muscles, then to wear fitted t- shirts that will make the ladies drool for you.

9.     Single colored T-shirt:
Want to give off the serious vibe about your personality through your clothing? Well, single colored plain t shirts are the best for you. Simple never goes out of fashion.

10.    Logo T-shirt:
Today’s trend totally supports individuality. Wear a t shirt that carries a customized logo and still look trendy.

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