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Top 10 Pubs in the UK

Can you be found propping up the bar after work? Pubs are fantastic places to relax and share conversation. Going to the pub is so woven into English culture that it’s hard to imagine a world without your local. On our UK pub crawl, we’ve made a list of the top ten British boozers to wet your whistle after a long day in the office.

The Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington 

The locals used to quite grimly call this pub ‘The Killer.’ It really was the last resort for any pub crawlers who’d had more beer than sense. Now, after a complete makeover, ‘The Killer’ has become a Mecca for artisan beer lovers.

 The Evening Star, Brighton 

If you are a beer devotee but can’t stand those places full of ale snobs, The Evening Star is perfect. Although this pub is pretty central to the city, it still has that low-key, local vibe. With the station nearby, all you need to do is stagger home before the last train.

The Rod and Line, Tideford 

This pub will get you hook, like, and sinker. A favourite of Cornish fisherman, The Rod and Line is a great place for some fish and chips. Try a pint of the St Austell’s Tribute and relax.

The Compton Arms, Canonbury 

George Orwell fans will naturally be drawn to this pub as one third of the pubs he used to describe the ideal, perfect inn in a 1946 newspaper article. Although Orwell’s ‘The Moon Under Water’ pub is fictional, it’s great to sit in the Compton Arms and imagine him debating with his friends. Unfortunately, a conversion gutted out the charming Victorian interior, but it’s still worth a visit.

top 10 pubs in uk

The Scotia, Glasgow 

This pub has the accolade of being a Glasgow city’s oldest pub (1792), but the atmosphere is surprisingly modern. With live music, exceptional beers, and a left-wing spirit (sorry, conservatives), this pub attracts local talent from all over Glasgow.

The Aqueduct Inn, Llangollen 

Affording fantastic views of the Llangollen Canal and valleys, you can enjoy horse drawn boat trips to this pub and reward yourself with a glorious pint of beer. The surroundings alone make this inn a fantastic place to stop off and enjoy some traditional pub food. If it’s not miserable outside, you can relax in the beer garden and take in the spellbinding, Welsh landscape.

The Philharmonic, Liverpool 

Favourite of legendary singer John Lennon, before he was famous, The Philharmonic still caters for local musicians. The interior is grand and ornate, as this pub used to function as a stop-off house for concert-buffs coming out of the Philharmonic Hall. Over one hundred years old, The Philharmonic is a real blast from the past.

The Boogaloo Bar, Highgate 

The Boogaloo Bar believes it has the best jukebox in the world. This pub is known for its alternative approach to club nights, with its 20s party “The Beautiful and Damned,” and gigs including famous names like Pete Doherty.

The Free Trade, Newcastle Upon Tyne 

The Free Trade is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover… or pub by its dilapidated exterior. Inside, everyone is friendly and no-one is a stranger. On their jukebox, you can listen to Jimi Hendrix, and enjoy the company of arty pub-goers (not the best alehouse to take your Granny). Graffiti is actively encouraged in the loos, so don’t forget your sharpie.

The Butcher’s Arms, Herne 

The Butcher’s Arms is miniscule, and there are no plans for extension. Lovechild of the owner, Martyn, he will only open up the pub for business if the weather is good or he feels like it. There’s only beer, cheese, and pickled onions. You have to hand over the cash when you’re done because there’s no till!

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