Tips To Stick To When Planning A Wedding

  • Sumo

Weddings can often become a very expensive affair with costs spiralling to thousands of pounds as wedding dresses, food, wine and venue fees all add up. This article discusses the best ways to save money when planning a wedding.

perfect wedding

  1. It is easy to get caught up with ‘the perfect wedding’ and easy to forget how much things actually cost. Rather than deciding all the things you need before deciding a budget – pick a budget and stick to it. That way you are aware of your limits from the very beginning stopping you from setting your heart on things that are unachievable.
  2. Whilst having a big fabulous wedding is most girls dreams it is worth reminding you that financial worries and debt is one of the main causes for marriage breakdown. Always remember that once the wedding is over you will still be paying off for it – it only lasts a day yet the debts can last years.
  3. If you have previous debts be very careful with adding savings of yours or other family members to your account. These can be taken without notice or permission to pay off debts. For instance if you owe £5,000 on a credit card, and pay £10,000 into your account – £5000 can be taken to pay off the card without you even knowing.
  4. If however, you are lucky and are not in any debt then it is best to make sure your savings work as hard as possible by being placed in a high interest saving account.
  5. Make a list in order of importance and include costs of every item. This will give a clear indication of how much goods will cost and whether they are in your budget. It will also help you keep on top of total costs.
  6. Set goals by making sacrifices. If you spend £8 on a pack of cigarettes every day, then try to quit this would give £2920 for your big day over the course of a year. Similar items such as coffee priced at £2.50 everyday would give you £912 towards your big day.
  7. Ask yourself tough questions – will we use it? Is it worth it? Is it cheaper elsewhere? If the answer is no to the first two, and yes to the last then do not buy it!
  8. Pick an unusual day and season – Friday weddings will always be cheaper than Saturdays – Tuesday and Wednesday even cheaper. The same rule applies for seasons – summer will be expensive, winter cheaper. is a comparison site giving tips and advice on a range of sectors including insurance, finance and travel.