Useful tips when opening your own shop

  • Sumo

Running your own business nowadays is not as unusual option as it was some twenty years ago. One of the options you could go for is running your own shop. Still, before becoming your own boss, or somebody else’s, for that matter, there are things to keep in mind so as to ensure your business to last.



First thing first, you need to decide about the location of the shop. Although running a business in close proximity to your own home may be convenient to the owner, it may be equally useless if there is no need for a shop in the neighbourhood.

While still thinking about it, go around your town, rummage the streets, talk to the people and see what kind of a shop they need. That will be your best guideline.

Things to sell

It is also crucially important to decide on what you want to be selling.

If you always found it annoying the closes sports store is kilometres away, that is what you could go for. If a flower shop is your street or the neighbourhood need, go for it. If a bookstore, or a grocery store, is what your neighbours wish they had at hand, consider it too. Due to a rise in popularity of decoupage technique, or DIY home reparations, a shop that offers this sort of resources could also strive quite well.


What will be the opening hours? How big is your shop going to be? Do you intend to open a small shop where you could be the only employee? Do you need more than one employee, and are they going to work in shifts? Can you offer them transport via a car for personal use or do you intend to make up for their travel expenses?

These are just some of the questions to have in mind before hiring staff.

Interior design

Interior design of your shop depends on the size of the shop and the items you intend selling.

If you want to run a small shop in the neighbourhood, do not make it crowded with goods, and leave enough space for at least two people to meet in between the shelves without the risk of causing any damage.

If the shop will be selling clothes of any sort, be it sports gear, elegant clothing, children’s clothing, or underwear, make sure you install changing cabins.

If you run a grocery store, make your display shelves strong enough to support the weight of the produce.

Think about arranging your shop window, as it will be the first thing passers-by notice while walking down the street. You want to invite them to come in and become your customers, so the first thing they see should be appealing enough.

Also, think about the lighting. Different sorts of goods to be sold simply demand different lighting. Luxury goods need specific sort of light. Some things may look best in the direct sunlight, while some others may be damaged by it.

Promotional material

What also matters is the promotional merchandise you offer to your customers.

An excellent way to be noticed and talked about are bags with your shop logo. Plastic bags are out for a while now, and most merchandisers opt for ecological, reusable bags, such as printed calico cotton bags. They are an excellent option because they are fully customisable, starting from colours, models and your store’s print. Your customers will also love them if you make them attractive enough. While you could charge them, think about offering it for free to your most loyal buyers.