Tips for Personalizing Nurse Scrubs

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Putting personal touches on work uniforms is a great way to show creativity and a sense of fashion. Uniform scrubs can be plain and boring, but with a couple accessories the uniform can look unique and fun.

Having a colorful uniform is especially important in children’s divisions of hospitals. Children can get scared easily and therefore can sometimes be difficult to treat. Wearing bright colors or designs that are appealing to children can greatly change their mood. Cartoon characters are a great idea for something to add to a uniform because children recognize the character and may start up a conversation or become excited, rather than scared. Excited children are much easier to work with when it comes to medical treatment.

Personalizing Nurse Scrubs

Fashionable Scrub Designs

Some offices will not require all nurses to wear the same uniform. This is a great idea because it allows the nurses to be trendy and fashionable with their attire. There are much more creative designs available in scrubs now and depending on the work place’s rules and regulations, endless possibilities for the uniform are available.

There are some variants to the types of scrubs available on the market. Most workplaces will specify a particular type, such as a plain colored v-neck, be worn while on the job. If a color or pattern isn’t specified, this opens the door to countless design options. Think of the type of person that is being treated in the office and try to appeal to them with the chosen designs.

If a style isn’t selected, then pockets or other small designs can be added to the uniform to create a more diverse look. Functionality should still be a key factor in determining what style of scrubs to wear. Pockets, for example, are great for nurses who need to carry pens and pencils, but might not be a good idea for those aiding in surgery.

Pins, Lanyards, and Other Accessories

In the event that the work place doesn’t allow for workers to choose their own scrubs to wear, uniforms can still be personalized with small accessories.
Most medical companies require a lanyard of some kind. Many nurses will look for a lanyard that features a bright color, pattern, or cartoon character design. This is because the style does not change the function of the lanyard nor does it become overly distracting. As long as the design is appropriate for the office it can be worn.

Pins or other small accessories can also add a small touch of personality to an otherwise boring scrub. Depending on the environment, some accessories, such as ribbons, may not be allowed on the uniform. Check with the personnel department to see what is and is not allowed to be attached to the uniform before wearing the accessory.

Every workplace will be different when it comes to uniform policy. Depending on the rules, scrubs can be personalized in a number of ways to show a sense of fashion and help patients feel more comfortable while being treated.

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