Tips and Tricks For Accessorising A Wedding Outfit

There is nothing more exciting than getting the call that there is going to be a wedding outfit and you are asked to attend. You are thrilled at the idea of seeing people you care about to express their love for each other.

Then it hits you. Whether you are a guest at the wedding or a bridesmaid; the next thought is what you will wear. The wedding outfit fashions for 2018 are exciting. They are also versatile and given the right accessories you can pull off the perfect look no matter what dress you select.

Of course, bridesmaids will have instructions from the bride which will need to be followed. We are going to gear this post to the wedding guest outfit. But, pay attention. Some subtle differences in the way you prepare for the day can add a special and acceptable flare to even a bridesmaids outfit.

Wedding Outfit


The dress you wear should be the focal point of your look. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Stud earrings or small hoops are acceptable. Some dresses look stunning with a cuff bracelet worn on the forearm. Necklaces are to be avoided. If you simply must wear a necklace, wear the most understated and dainty necklace you can find. Ankle bracelets are fine if they are tasteful and delicate (never clunky.)


Spring and summer weddings scream for pastels. You will find a huge variety of unique pastels on this web page.

Here are just a few to consider:

  • Daffodil yellow
  • Mint green
  • Lilac
  • Mist blue
  • Dusty sage

There are many more to choose from. The pastel pallet has grown, and the selections are limitless.

Tips for wearing pastels

Accessorizing your pastel dress can ruin the look. It is meant to be classic. Instead, add some pop to your outfit with sequin heels. The higher the heel, the better. Stay away from flats and do not sandals with this dress. Have fun with your hair. Consider a messy bun. A few hair jewels are great but do not overdo it.


Soft pleats that move when you walk and gently sway in the breeze are popular this year. Most of the bridal orders are featuring this in a short knee-length hemline. This dress looks great with an open back and a halter neckline. Also, consider the one-shoulder look or a sweetheart neckline. This is the dress that demands strappy shoes. They make the dress look playful. Wearing your hair down is perfect for this dress.

Two-Piece Look

The two-piece look is very trendy this year. You can wear a separate top and skirt, or a two-piece pantsuit. Have some fun with it. If you are pairing your top with pants, wear a top that shows a bit of the tummy. The midriff is a great look for a wedding. If you are wearing a skirt and top, have a flowing skirt that commands attention. At the after-party, the bridesmaid can keep the top on, slip into some jeans and add a necklace for a whole new look.


If you are going with pastels and light colors, opt for deep and dark colors. If you are wearing deeper colors, bring some light with cream, pinks, yellows, and lots of greenery. Use your flowers to accessorize your wedding. The combination will be a refreshing and unique look that will make your wedding album a work of art. This is your special day, so allow your personality to show through

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