Time To Upgrade Your Hair Care Regime

Since the past few years, skincare has become an integral part of our lives. With skincare becoming such a boom and also a necessity, one must not ignore hair care. Since hair adds to the beauty of every individual, it’s crucial to look after them. So if you’ve been wondering how to take care of your hair and allow a proper hair care regime, all you need is Indulekha.

Indulekha is the best hair care brand that you can rely on when it comes to hair care. With hair fall being the number one issue for almost every person, Indulekha is the best solution. So if you’re bothered about losing countless hair every time you run your fingers through your hair, let alone use a comb, start using Indulekha and bid goodbye to your hair fall troubles.

Time To Upgrade Your Hair Care Regime

If you genuinely want to know the secret to how to use Indulekha, follow this step-by-step procedure:

1.         Start by opening the inner cap and pricking a tiny hole into it using a pin. It will help the oil pass through quite quickly.

2.         Screw on the applicator and close the cap of the bottle until it is firmly sealed.

3.         Remember to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair and remove any knots properly.

4.         Divide your hair into sections and place the comb of the bottle in such a way that it touches your scalp. Squeeze the bottle to get the oil out and onto your scalp.

5.         Keep repeating this step until you have completed oiling all the sections, and your entire scalp is covered with the oil.

6.         Finally, gently but thoroughly, massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for at least two hours or overnight if you have the time. In the morning, rinse it off properly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Indulekha isn’t oily; hence you need not hesitate to apply it to your scalp before every hair wash cycle. Apart from using this fantastic product, you need to upgrade your hair care regime following these easy steps:

1.         Exfoliate weekly: Exfoliation isn’t just limited to the skin; you can exfoliate your hair to get rid of the rigid dead skin cells that cause dandruff and pimples. Massage the product onto your scalp gently, and don’t forget the nape of your neck too.

2.         Micellar shampoo: Replace your regular shampoo with micellar shampoo as they are gentle cleansers. While they don’t lather much, they clean your hair like no other product.

3.         Hair masks: Masks aren’t just limited to the skin; you can apply a hair mask too that will end up giving your hair an amazing volume. Apply a hair mask once a week and let them bounce like never before.

4.         Use serums and oils: Don’t forget to apply hair serum for healthy and shiny hair. They are light in weight and won’t weigh your hair down. In addition, they are non-greasy and can even out the frizz, adding shine to your mane.

5.         Top it off with sunscreen: Just like your skin, your hair too needs protection from the harsh UV rays, which is why sunscreen for hair are a thing. So spray some onto your hair before you head out to paint the town red.

6.         Sheet masks for hair: Sheet masks for the face are old school. Say hello to sheet masks for hair, which are rich in coconut oil-based formula. You can wear them overnight and wear a protective cap that won’t grease your pillow. Wash it off with a micellar shampoo the following day, followed by conditioner.

Upgrade your hair care regime with these tips and get ready to take the world by a storm.