Three Criteria for Choosing Dress Shirts

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The button-down shirt has been a mainstay of men’s wardrobes for decades. From special occasions to work and beyond, this iconic item is quite the fashion workhorse.

Here are five reasons why a quality dress shirt will never fall out of fashion.

1) You Can Purchase Non-Iron Varieties

Whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to have to worry about is ironing your clothing. Non-iron dress shirts are the perfect solution. They emerge from your luggage or your garment bag looking as fresh as the moment you packed them. 

non-iron dress shirts

2) They Can Be Purchased in Packs

Not all of us are huge fans of shopping. As such, when we find something that fits well and looks superb, it behooves us to purchase more than one of these items.

Many button-down tops come in packs of two or three. This makes it easy to maintain a look that is always appropriate without breaking the bank, and keeps you from having to search again in a year or two for a style you love.

dress shirts

3) Cotton is the American Standard of Style and Comfort

There are some things you just can’t improve upon over time, and one of those is the comfort and understated elegance of cotton. Even shirts of the highest caliber are still made of this material, which can keep you cool in the summer and can be paired effortlessly with sport coats or other outerwear in the winter.

cotton dress shirt

4) There are Hues to Suit Every Coloring and Personality

The first priority when getting dressed each morning is to look confident and professional. However, it can also be nice to wear something that allows your originality shine through.

A subtle way to express yourself without sacrificing polish is by choosing a color or pattern that suits you. Classic hues like black, navy, white and tan are always available, but it can be fun to try on something less expected, such as green, purple or even yellow.

dress shirts for men

5) Nuanced Sizing Ensures a Perfect Fit

There are some subtle indications of quality that not all merchants offer. A streamlined, refined fit is one of these.

With the best companies, you can choose your shirt not just by neck size, but also by whether you prefer your fit to be traditional, regular, slim or extra-slim through the torso.

dress shirts for men slim fit

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