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In 1984, a native Austrian and ambitious visionary, Thomas Sabo, turned his passionate entrepeneur dream into reality and established a unique  jewelry company, focusing on stunning silver pieces with a contemporary flair.  In the 1990’s, the Thomas Sabo name became very well known, and established itself into retail stores across Europe, Asia and America, gaining international recognition among discriminating lovers of fine jewelry.

Thomas Sabo Jewelry is world-famous for its daring, trendy flavour, incorporating beautifully- detailed pieces crafted in sterling- silver pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, chains, watches, charms and cufflinks.  The Sabo line also includes fragrances and accessories.

The elegant quality and edgy, unique designs of Thomas Sabo Jewelry, place the beautiful collection in a class, all its own.

thomas sabo jewelry

The Seasonal Collection:

The Thomas Sabo Seasonal Collection incorporates retro- feminine 1950’s and 1960’s styles blended with modern shapes and colours.

The Rebel- At- Heart Signature Collection:

The Rebel -At -Heart Collection is described as soulful and passionate, including skulls, crosses and anchors.

The Charm Club:

The array of pieces in the Thomas Sabo collection is incredibly fast;  and The Charm Club, for example, currently offers 450 pendants for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and, yes, even mobile phones.

One can combine and recombine these pendants  to create a very personal, intimate jewelry piece to reflect one’s unique personality and life experiences.

The charms represent a variety of delightful genres, ranging from nature, sports, crosses, special occasions and travel, to name only a few.

The Glam ‘n Soul Fragrance:

For the woman who is self-confident, courageous and independent, the Glam ‘n Soul fragrance offers a classy, floral-fruity combo of essences gathered from around the world.  The ingredients of this delightful aroma are meticulously blended to produce a mood of enchantment and delight.

Thomas Sabo Watches:

The T.S. watch collection is an eclectic blend of utilizing stainless steel, ceramic, leather, silicon rubber and trendy colours that excite the eye and stimulate the senses.  They are characterized by extraordinary designs and unsurpassed materials and result in a finished product oozing with class and glamour.

Thomas Sabo Jewelry is considered an ultimate jewelry fashion statement for those who demand and expect unsurpassed quality and beauty of design.  For those who wear the Thomas Sabo name, those same receives the Thomas Sabo commitment:

  • Exceptional design
  • Superior quality
  • Artful craftsmanship
  • Intense inspection
  • Strict standards of perfection

These unyielding standards of excellence are what make the Thomas Sabo name stand out.  And for those who choose Thomas Sabo Jewelry, those same standards are what make the one wearing T.S.  pieces, look like a million bucks!


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