Things you should know about Punk Clothing Style

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Punk, this word always succeeds in making everybody remember the indifferent rock music style. Here we talk about the Punk clothing. Punk clothing style is a part of mighty punk fashion that incorporates hairstyles, clothing, jewellery, body modifications, cosmetics etc adapted from the punk sub-culture. There is not a single definition to wide punk fashion. These include a wide array of certain ideologies along with certain forms of expressions for everything like fashion, clothing, dance, visual art, films, literature and even many more. This entire punk sub-culture actually grew out of the famous Punk Rock. This is normally concerned with specific concern for freedom of individuality and some views over anti –establishment. Well if you are new to punk or a lover of punk fashion then you should certainly go through this article. This article portrays some of the important things you should know about Punk Clothing Style. So be prepare and have a quick look –

Punk Clothing Style

  • Different Punks-Different Clothing Style – Being a part of punk style is unique, exciting and dazzling but you should know that there is not a definite single definition to punk clothing style. This is so huge that you can’t even have enough of it. Being a punk is simply unique with a style of your own but being an original person at the same time. It is basically the expression of your true inner personality with an open mind and ideas of your own. So don’t copy anyone since you are not a sheep.
  • Be true yet creative – Being a punk simply means you, you and you. No need to follow a dress code. Wear anything with your punk attitude. You can also use your creativity since that will be super cool. You can make your clothing style rocking cool by just doctoring them a bit (avoid excessive doctoring). Just do not rush for following the masses since that’s not what a true punk do.
  • Only Black is my God – Avoid being black dressed from head to toe. That is more like being a Dracula. Yes black is certainly the brand ambassador of being a punk but colors are good too. But that does not mean you should go for pastel colors. Go for dark yet bright like reds, blues, greens, olive drabs, grays, gun metals etc. These are excellent options with black. But do remember black with these is must since Black is God for a punk.
  • Leather – For true punk clothing style leather is a certain must. If you don’t like it then get out. IF you don’t have any then go, rush and first get some. Leather with belts and stud is simply a part of being a true punk. So add them to your clothing style.
  • Patches – One thing you should know about the punk clothing style is that true punk will always worship patches. Whether you like it or not – it is a must. You can get it from stores, online or even can craft of your own.


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